SKILup Hour Panelist

Partner Solutions Architect

Darwin currently serves as GitLab’s Partner Solutions Architect to AWS Alliance, where he brings together many parties around customer success, at the intersection of DevOps and Cloud computing.

At heart, Darwin is an enabler. He loves making tools, enjoys creating explanations and learning aides of all types because it helps others grow and ultimately improves their quality of work life. He also enjoys scaled automation through DevOps and the Cloud, and scaled expertise sharing through blogging, training and social.

Before Darwin came to GitLab, he worked at a large SaaS company with over 4000 developers and 100 SaaS solutions. As a working team lead, he and his team ran GitLab as a scaled, highly available service, also maintaining IaC automation that ran on tens of thousands of Windows and Linux instances that comprise complex SaaS stacks in AWS.