Demonstrate Your DevOps Knowledge and Advance Your Career

DevOps Institute was founded help upskill the Humans of DevOps.  A DevOps Institute Certification will help advance your career, grow professionally, and develop new skills while  gaining relevant knowledge, igniting innovative ideas, and fostering continuous learning. 

While our portfolio continues to grow, we have currently identified nine core competencies where a certification from DevOps Institute will help our practitioners and community members stay ahead professionally.

DevOps Institute Certification Paths

Earn certifications that show your comprehension and competence with foundational practices for Agile, DevOps, DevSecOps, and SRE.

Get DevOps Institute certified in one or more of these popular areas of focus to better promote yourself to employers, colleagues and projects. The certification exams cover the latest principles and practices, frameworks, concepts and terms and are developed in collaboration with industry thought leaders and subject matter experts in the DevOps space.

Today more than ever, organizations need DevOps professionals with validated skills and knowledge to support their digital transformation.


“An IT person attaining certifications allows the individual to seek promotion, improves the respect by peers and customers, increases the awareness of knowledge, skills and shortcomings and improves self-confidence. Additionally, certifications are ensuring that there is sound code of practices leveraged which results in confidence that compliant and legal work is being performed.” 

Upskilling 2020: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report

Understand basic DevOps concepts, principles, and practices to help your organization deliver high-quality software solutions quickly, exceed customer expectations, and outpace competitors. Learn more

Lead your organization’s DevOps evolution with new skills, tools, innovative thinking, and transformational leadership. Learn more

Improving service reliability and system resiliency in rapidly changing and more complex tech environments makes the SRE profile one of the fastest-growing job roles in IT. Learn more

A follow-on to the popular Foundation certification to validate knowledge and understanding of advanced SRE practices, methods, and tools. Learn more

Prevent data breaches and grow your teams’ knowledge on data privacy regulations. DevSecOps Foundation helps your team to prioritize security and compliance measures into everyday workflows. Learn more

Learn how Agile Service Management and culture can strengthen and secure your processes to deliver greater business performance, rate of revenue and profit growth. Learn more

Let your teams focus on vision while pipelines do the execution. Discover how successful Continuous Delivery leads to increased velocity. Learn more

Minimize business risk and impact on customers. Continuous Testing enables faster, higher-quality releases and reduced costs.

Learn more

Value Stream Management has been around since the dawn of lean – but it’s different in the digital world. Digital value streams need a different treatment and DevOps toolchains mean we have more opportunities to gain actionable insights and deliver value outcomes to our customers than ever before.

Learn more

Why Get Certified?

  • Demonstrate your technical knowledge
  • Develop your skill set within a key area of DevOps
  • Learn how to apply DevOps principles and practices to projects and initiatives
  • Prove your subject matter expertise
  • Enhance your professional credibility
  • Stand out from other job applicants

The courseware from DevOps Institute is rightly poised to help the community.

Biswajit Mohapatra

Global Delivery Leader, Cloud Migration, IBM India

Knowledge of good DevOps engineering practices, crystalized through DevOps Institute certifications, is critical to mastering the complexity for the benefits of my stakeholders. Formal recognition by way of certification for the DevOps specialties is also a valuable addition to my resume.

Marc Hornbeek

CEO and Principal Consultant, Engineering DevOps Consulting

The certification validates my skills, knowledge, and experience and provides me the necessary tools and guidance on how to take this knowledge forward in the rapidly changing world.

Dheeraj Nayal

DevOps Institute

How to Begin Your Certification Journey

DevOps Institute recognizes that today’s Humans of DevOps may learn in many different ways from different resources and experiences.

Professional Preparation

To choose a formal training course to help you prepare for your certification exam, see our list of accredited Education Partners to find classes.

Self Study

Our certifications are available to those who already possess the skills, knowledge and experience in the domain without the requirement of formal training. 

You can purchase an exam directly with DevOps Institute where we will provide you with a study guide including glossary, value added resources and sample questions to review. 

Please see our full list of FAQs about certifications and accredited Education Partner trainings.

DevOps Institute Digital Badges

After successfully completing an exam, you will receive an e-certificate and digital badge acknowledging your achievement. Add these to your resume, signature, and LinkedIn or other accounts to get noticed by employers, clients, and colleagues!

Share your success on social networks using #DevOpsCertified.


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