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Upskilling IT 2022 Survey

DevOps Institute is pleased to announce the launch of its fourth annual and newly renamed “Upskilling IT 2022” community survey. The survey collects data from thousands of IT professionals across the globe to understand which skills are essential for the future of IT. Findings from the survey will be revealed in early 2022. Sponsors of the Upskilling IT 2022 survey and report include Prisma® Cloud by Palo Alto Networks, Cycloid,
The Linux Foundation, LLPA, TaUB Solutions and LPI.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our annual Upskilling DevOps Skills Survey encompasses every aspect of our mission by exploring the top issues facing our industry today and keeping a pulse on the needs of the future.

As a sponsor of the 2022 Upskilling DevOps Skills Survey, you’ll have the opportunity to align your organization with one of the most respected and downloaded reports in DevOps today.
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Download the 2021 Upskilling Report

More than 2,000 global respondents took the time to complete the Upskilling survey last year. This is data from the trenches. Some of the results may surprise you, some may be disappointing, and some may reinforce your strategic plans for 2021.