Value Stream Management Foundation℠

Value Stream Management Foundation℠

Value Stream Management has been around since the dawn of lean – but it’s different in the digital world. Digital value streams need a different treatment, and DevOps toolchains mean we have more opportunities to gain actionable insights and deliver value outcomes to our customers than ever before. DevOps Institute is pleased to offer this certification in partnership with the VSM Consortium.

What You'll Learn

  • The history and evolution of VSM
  • Identifying value streams
  • Mapping value streams
  • Connecting DevOps toolchains
  • Value stream metrics
  • Inspecting the value stream
  • Organizing as value streams
  • Evolving value streams

Benefits for Organizations

  • Improve performance, especially in response to digital transformation or disruption
  • Enhance the creation and delivery of products or services

Benefits for Individuals

  • Understand the VSM language, core concepts and key practices
  • Learn how to identify and organize around value streams
  • Learn how to map value streams
  • Learn how to connect your DevOps toolchain and measure it,
  • Discover how to apply DevOps practices to accelerate time to value and learning
  • Learn how to effectively use metrics to inspect, adapt and evolve capability

 Certification Details

Earn a credential that can lead to jobs in high growth fields

Exam Questions: 40
Passing Score: 65%
Exam Format: Multiple Choice
Duration: 60 minutes
Delivery: Web-based
Languages: English
Open Book: Yes

Certification Validity: Non-Applicable

Preparation: Instructor-Led Training, Online Learning, Self-Study

Qualify for In-Demand Jobs

Leadership and CXO, especially CIO, CTO, CPO and CVO

Value stream architects, managers, engineers

Scrum Masters

Release and environment managers

Customer experience and success professionals



Transformation and evolution leads and change agents

Agile and DevOps Coaches and Facilitators

Portfolio, product and project managers, and owners

Business Analysts Architects

IT Ops

Service and Support Desk Workers


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“Value Stream Management Foundation has not only helped consolidate my knowledge around this space and how to apply it to the digital world in my organization, it’s shown me a path to accelerate adoption. I can see how VSM is helping us measure and progress in our adoption of DevOps practices. It’s going to help me expand my own role and help me help others to adopt VSM ways of thinking and working.”

BMK Lakshminarayanan, Value Stream Architect

 Certification Blueprint

Check out the Certification Blueprint to learn more about the various topics, principles, and practices covered by this certification.

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