The ability to adapt to changing market trends is essential for every business in order to stay competitive. Agile Service Management (ASM) ensures that service management processes reflect agile values and are designed with “just enough” control and structure to enable the delivery of services that enable the ability to do something when and how they are needed or desired.

This book by ITSM and DevOps expert Jayne Groll explains how to apply agile software engineering principles to the design, implementation, and management of service management practices and microprocesses.

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The DevOps Journey SKILbook


Now, more than ever, organizations need to be agile and quickly adapt their IT services
to changing needs.

Opportunities, plans, and circumstances, both internal and external to organizations, are changing at an ever-increasing pace. External unforeseen circumstances, like the COVID-19 pandemic, can suddenly require significant alterations to business practices and the IT services that support them. Agility is no longer something organizations want to strive for – it’s a necessity for business survival.

This guide grew out of the author’s recognition that end-to-end IT agility could only be achieved if Agile thinking and practices were instilled into every aspect of the management of products and services before, during, and after deployment. Much of Agile’s focus has been on software development and deployment. However, if the deployed software applications are not consistently delivered at needed levels of availability, capacity, security, and continuity, little value will result from the deployed software.

Being agile is a never-ending challenge. This guide helps provide a practical framework to engineer and continually improve your IT service management practices to ensure services provide customer value as needs continue to change ever more rapidly.

What’s inside


Being Agile


What is Agile Service Management?


ASM & Other Frameworks/Practices


Scrum Basics


What is Agile Process Engineering?


An Agile Approach to Process Engineering


ASM Roles, Artifacts, and Events


Agile Process Improvement


Automation and ASM


Getting Started



A lot has changed in just a few short years. The rate of technological adoption has accelerated at a pace unseen before. Automation is integrated into just about everything we do, both personally and professionally. User expectation around technical services is always on, always reliable, always delivering value, and always doing more.

The question, is not whether ITSM is still relevant or even how to manage services in an Agile, DevOps, and digital transformation world. The real question is how much IT service management is just enough in order to create consistent customer value and compete in a fast-paced disruptive world. That’s Agile Service Management.

About the AUTHOR

Jayne Groll is co-founder and CEO of the DevOps Institute whose mission is to advance the Humans of DevOps. Jayne was also one of the founding partners in ITSM Academy, spending over 15 years educating and speaking on IT Service Management, ITIL®, ISO 20000, and process design.

Jayne has had an extensive IT Operations career starting with implementing and managing Service Desks to leading IT organizations across multiple verticals. She achieved her ITIL® V2 Service Manager certification (with distinction) in 2005 and later her ITIL® V3 Expert. She is also a certified ScrumMaster. Jayne is a recognized thought leader, author, and speaker in the ITSM, DevOps, and SRE communities.

Jayne Groll

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