SKILup DAY: Enterprise Open Source

Join this SKILup day to learn what open source tooling is available, enterprise practices for managing open source, and how you can also be part of the open source software revolution.


November 15 | A Live, In-Person DevOps Upskilling Experience
Learn more about SKILup Festival Singapore 2022. From details about the venue to information about the accommodations.


September 13 | The Event for Empowering the People Who Power IT
In-person events create powerful outcomes.
At physical events, you’re surrounded by the best in the industry, you discover peers who are facing the same challenges you are facing, you learn firsthand from incredible sessions.


The State of SRE Adoption, Deployment and Automation 

Discover what a modern IT organization needs to be successful in SRE.

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Global SRE Pulse 2022: Discover what a modern IT organization needs to be successful in SRE. Download now.


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Download one of the most respected reports in DevOps today. Upskilling IT 2022 


Find out how SRE is becoming the primary support model at Standard Chartered Bank.

Discover the DevOps Journey SKILbook and see how the next normal requires a key focus on delivering software with quality, velocity, and value. Learn more.

Understand why, how, and what needs to be done to initiate and drive SRE within your organization. 


Want to pursue DevOps Engineering and achieve great things? Learn more about the DevOps Engineering SKILbook now.


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