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SKILup IT Learning

SKILup IT Learning is a unique subscription-based online educational destination. DevOps Institute empowers DevOps humans to advance career development and upskill for enterprise transformation by providing the resources, guidance, experts, and encouragement to learn.
SKILup IT Learning by DevOps Institute is a self-directed learning platform focused entirely on DevOps and Digital Transformation.
It is offered in three tiers:
  • SKILup IT Learning Lite – free, limited access for DevOps Institute Community Members
  • SKILup IT Learning – paid subscription-based learning
  • SKILup IT Learning+ – paid subscription-based learning plus a growing portfolio of relevant certification preparation video training courses.

    Learning Collections

    Human Aspects

    Being human is hard enough. Being human in a business environment takes practice and skill. This collection offers insights from highly successful people across all job roles who are conquering the digitally transforming landscape and humanizing technology.

    Certification Prep

    Organizations need DevOps professionals with validated skills and knowledge to support their digital transformation. Our certifications are the most comprehensive in the industry. This collection helps you prepare to pass the certification exams that solidify your expertise.

    Technical Aspects

    Technology serves humans to do amazing things but only if you fully understand your technology. This insightful collection keeps you updated on the latest advances needed, from fundamental and essential skills to advanced process and automation topics.


    DevOps Institute is the unparalleled thought leader in the DevOps space. From in-depth reports to comprehensive SKILbooks to detailed case studies that expand your knowledge and insight, this collection is the go-to reference for all things DevOps.

    Explore the extensive resources available through the

    SKILup IT Learning platform.

    SKILup IT Learning Lite

    Community Member Limited Access

    An introduction to DevOps Learning

    Join the DevOps Institute community for a free preview of SKILup IT Learning.

    You will have access to:

    • DevOps Essentials Series course
    • SKILbook Overviews
    • On-Demand SKILup Educational Hours
    • Select SKILup Learning Moments

    (You must be part of our community to take advantage of  free learning or to purchase a subscription.)

    SKILup IT Learning

    Continuous Learning Subscription
    $299 Yearly

    Great for anyone looking to upskill or reskill

    ALL SKILup IT Learning Lite Content PLUS: 

    • Entire Library of SKILbooks
    • SKILup Learning Moments
    • Essential Technical Topics Series
    • How to Be Human Series
    • Herding Humans with Helen
    • Leadership Series
    • Day in the Life Series
    • Fireside Chats
    • Exclusive AMA Author Book Club Sessions and Author Learning Series
    • SKILup Days Educational Sessions On Demand

    SKILup IT Learning+

    Certification Prep Subscription
    $1500 $499 Yearly

    Great for anyone looking to prepare for IT Certifications

    ALL SKILup IT Learning content

    DevOps Institute Certification Prep Online Learning Courses*:

    • DevOps Foundation
    • DevOps Engineering Foundation
    • DevSecOps Foundation

    *Exams not included

    Let Us Show You How SKILup IT Learning

    Can Help Your Team or Organization

    SKILbooks - Advance Your Skills, Knowledge, Ideas and Learning

    SKILbooks are a collaborative body of knowledge comprising research and artifacts to help the reader understand and upskill their DevOps capabilities. Each SKILbook contains additional content for ongoing discovery, support, and actionable strategies and implementations during a DevOps journey.

    DevOps Journey

    DevOps Journey SKILbook cover - lines on road

    This DevOps Journey SKILbook offers vision, skills, metrics, and other best practices and knowledge to start adopting DevOps.

    DevOps Engineering

    devops engineering SKILbook

    This DevOps Engineering SKILbook includes many key topics around culture, processes and the technology ecosystem. 

    Site Reliability Engineering

    The Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) SKILbook includes why, how, and what needs to be done to initiate and drive SRE within organizations.

    Helping Hundreds of Organizations and Teams Advance Their Skills

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