With technologies and businesses’ needs growing and evolving faster than ever, the pressure on IT professionals and departments has never been greater. DevOps offers new opportunities for you to adapt, perform, and tackle these challenges like never before – taking a more proactive stance on optimizing your entire organization with technology.

The DevOps movement has completely revolutionized IT organizations and the way they serve, support, and empower the larger organization. By helping IT teams develop their DevOps expertise, DevOps Institute ensures both technology and people work better, making IT more agile and adaptable to changing needs – as well as more influential in transforming the entire business. 

DevOps Institute provide organizations with a trusted source of unbiased, vendor-neutral educational resources, including:

Practical information you can use to start taking advantage of DevOps today (including the technical, operational, and human personal skills needed to introduce this critical approach into your organization). Reliable insight into the latest research and advances, so your DevOps initiatives can become even more valuable over time. A respected and recognized certification authority to formally acknowledge an individual’s abilities and know-how. The ability to assess your current skills and understanding, how they apply to DevOps, and the best path forward. A welcoming, supportive community of mentors and peers to help you develop real-world expertise.

Solutions We Offer

Online Learning: SKILup IT Learning provides a unique learning destination for IT professionals to continuously expand their knowledge of the latest technologies and processes to transform your business – a place to explore new advancements, learn from top thought-leaders, and connect with other professionals.

Certification Prep: Equip your team with access to ten certifications across nine core competencies. Learners can self-study, go through an online learning course or take a live virtual or in-person course with a DevOps Institute education partner or prepare your own instructors to deliver the courses.

Continuing Education: Enable your employees to participate in active upskilling through SKILup ays, SKILup Hour webinars, online learning and discussion opportunities through the DevOps Institute Discussion Board.

Industry Insights:Access and leverage in-depth research reports and thought leadership to help your organization gain the latest industry insights.

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