Enterprise Kubernetes

This virtual SKILup Day focused on the migration to cloud-native applications, microservice architectures and containers and Kubernetes as one of the most adopted open source orchestration tools available today.
Attendees learned tangible tips for strategies and tactical approaches from top industry experts.
View industry expert sessions from the event below.
Kubernetes Basics and How it Morphs your CD Pipeline

Tracy Ragan, CEO DeployHub, CD Foundation, DevOps Institute Ambassador

Navigating Your Kubernetes Journey
through Continuous Delivery

Tiffany Jachja, Technical Evangelist, Harness

Is Kubernetes the Tool or Are You?

Adrian Goins, Director of Community
and Evangelism, Rancher Labs

Robust and Resilient Services:
Kubernetes Probes

BMK Lakshminarayanan, Solutions Architect, Bank of New Zealand,      DevOps Institute Ambassador

Tech Tips for Getting Started Building
Cloud-Native Java App

Daniel Oh, Technical Marketing Manager,
Redhat, DevOps Institute Ambassador

Testing of Kubernetes

Himanshu Patel, Digital Transformation Leader, Aventiv Technologies, DevOps Institute Ambassador

Context is King: Successfully
Manage Applications Running in K8s

Matthias Luebken, Senior Product Manager, Instana

What Do Enterprises Truly Need With Kubernetes?

Viktor Farcic, Principal Software Delivery Strategist & Developer Advocate, Cloudbees

Best Practices In Implementing
Container Image Promotion Pipelines

Baruch Sadogursky, Developer Advocacy, Jfrog