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Welcome to our online archive of previous DevOps Institute Events. Be sure to click on the events below to view the sessions and content. For more information about DevOps Institute Events, view our Upcoming Events page.

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Global SKILup Festival

Dec 7-11, 2020

SKILup Festival

Continuous Testing

Nov 19, 2020

SKILup Day

AI and ML Ops

Oct 15, 2020

SKILup Day


Sep 17, 2020

SKILup Day


Aug 20, 2020

SKILup Day

CD Ecosystem

Jul 16, 2020

SKILup Day

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Jun 18, 2020

SKILup Day

Enterprise Kubernetes

May 21, 2020

SKILup Day

Value Stream Management

Apr 30, 2020

SKILup Day

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