The SKIL Framework

Discover the Skills, Knowledge, Ideas and Learning (SKIL) to stay relevant in the ever-changing DevOps Landscape

Skills to advance your career

Knowledge for a better understanding of DevOps

Ideas to spark innovation

Learning based on DevOps know-how

What is The SKIL Framework?

At DevOps Institute, we focus our programs, content, and certifications around a holistic, human-centered framework, consisting of Skills, Knowledge, Ideas and Learning (SKIL).

Software delivery practices are evolving at great speed while new technologies and trends are constantly emerging. A digital transformation journey is ongoing and involves adapting to various changes and disruption. IT Professionals must stay up-to-date on best practices, new methods and shifting culture and mindsets so their expertise can mature with the market.

DevOps Institute connects our community to the Skills, Knowledge, Ideas, and Learning necessary so they can transform as quickly as the technology and processes supporting DevOps practices . With the SKIL framework in mind, we curate the industry’s top thought leadership, produce insightful content and industry-leading DevOps Certifications and host events.

This approach empowers the people who power IT to learn and grow as professionals, advance their careers, support IT transformation within their organizations, and contribute to the greater global DevOps ecosystem.

DevOps Institute Connects IT Professionals with the Resources They Need to Support IT Transformation