Global SKILup Festival

December 7 - 11, 2020

This year’s event focused on celebrating the Humans of DevOps, offering SKILup Workshops and Training and a full day of the industry’s leading practitioners sharing stories of DevOps transformations and current trends in the marketplace.

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The Main Stage

07:15 am

The History of DevOps Institute

Jayne Groll | CEO, DevOps Institute

07:30 am

What I Learned In 2020

This has been a weird year for everyone, but I want to share what I observed working with the DevOps community – how we struggled, how we survived and what trends I see taking us into 2021. There’ll be a lot about culture, leadership, diversity and inclusion and a big dollop of value stream led and AI tech and DevSecOps analysis.

Helen Beal | Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute

08:00 am

DevSecOps – More of the Same

Once so often it makes sense to repeat the basics: Using the CAMS acronym Patrick Debois will explain how devsecops is build upon the core tenets of devops, requires the same mindset and approach and ultimately forms a consistent feedback channel for the business on overcoming yet another bottleneck: security. Coming to a mature devops organisation near you, sooner rather than later.

Patrick Debois | Director of Market Strategy, SNYK

08:40 am

Lightning Karaoke with…

Siddharth Pareek, Romnick Acabado and Najib Radzuan

09:00 am

kotlin?.kubernetes?.cloud?.let { run(microservices) }

This session will show you how the Kubernetes container management system and Istio service mesh can simplify many of the operational challenges of microservices, including an in-depth live demo showcasing how easy it is to create and develop microservices with KHipster and deploying them into Kubernetes cluster with Istio service mesh.

Sendil Kumar | Senior Software Engineer, Uber

09:30 am

Comprehensive Observability via Distributed Tracing

In this session, we will explore why observability is crucial for understanding these environments, and deep dive into tracing – the key component for achieving full visibility into applications. We will then review the different paths on how to build the right observability strategy for your business and how we at Epsagon solve these modern challenges.

Chinmay Gaikwad | Technical Evangelist, Epsagon

09:50 am

On the Mechanics of Goof

Mark explores the IT transformation and DevOps adoption choices made by imaginary company “Health Life” and how those choices impact the company’s financial performance.

Mark Solomon | DevOps Practice Director, QA Ltd

10:35 am

DevOps for Pandemics

This talk looks at the ways in which DevOps principles can be applied to help manage in times of crisis. Sean takes a deep dive into the Wiley response to the COVID-19 and how this draws upon DevOps best practices. We will look at what these practices are and how you can apply them to crisis and major incidents of all types.

Sean D Mack | CIO & CISO, Wiley

11:25 am

Connecting Business & Tech Ops with a Transformational Digital Strategy and Intellegence Platform

In this session, we will have a moderated panel with Business and Legal Ops domain experts from Lenovo and TIAA to discuss their journey towards achieving true technical and business agility. Featuring Brad Rogers (Chief Operations Officer at TIAA) and Marcelo Peviani (Legal Director at Lenovo).

Eric Robertson | VP Product, Onit

12:00 pm

Qualitative Analysis for Digital Transformation

Session description here, session description here session description here session description here session description here session description here.

John Willis | Senior Director – Global Transformation Office, Red Hat

12:30 pm

Bouncing Buzzwords with…

Jayne Groll, John Willis and Patrick Debois.

Hosted by Helen Beal.

01:00 pm

Why Can’t We CD?

As organizations move to continuous delivery, they will quickly discover that adding tooling will not get them there. We’ll be discussing the common problems and how to overcome them that give teams the foundations to rapidly improve the flow of value.

Bryan Finster | Value Stream Architect, DevOps Dojo – Walmart

01:30 pm

What You Can Do to Move Faster in the Cloud

View this session to learn the operational, financial, and security implications to consider as public cloud usage grows. Discover effective approaches to govern cloud usage and costs, and how to get buy-in on your cloud policies from developers, engineers, and DevOps teams.

George Hamilton | Senior Product Line Marketing Manager, CloudHealth by VMware

02:00 pm

Kubernetes GitOps with Rancher Continuous Delivery

In this presentation, we will walk through getting started with Rancher Continuous Delivery and provide examples of how to leverage this powerful new tool in Rancher 2.5.

William Jimenez | Technical Product Manager, Rancher Labs

02:30 pm

Move Faster and Break Fewer Things with Observability + AI

This talk will explore the relationship between observability and SDLC practices which allow AI to lead the Ops side of DevOps, so developers and SREs can move faster, innovate more and operate less.

Adam Frank | VP, Product & Design – Moogsoft

03:00 pm

Essential Skill in the Next Normal

Join Eveline for this special Career Fair session discussing Essential Skill in the Next Normal.

Eveline Oehrich | Chief Research Director, DevOps Institute

03:20 pm

Rancher Demo: Developing Turnkey Devices for Edge Use Cases

This demo will focus on how to use k3s to simplify setup, upgrades and management of any hardware component on a device.

Mark Abrams | Rancher Labs

04:00 pm

Three Basic Truths About Microservices

In this session we will cover 3 basic truths that you should know before you begin down your microservices journey. These truths will help you understand how your DevOps pipeline will be impacted and what you will need to do to shift from monolithic to microservices.

Tracy Ragan | CEO and Co-Founder, DeployHub

04:25 pm

Increase App Confidence with CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code

Angel will demonstrate how to leverage IaC to provision infrastructure, deploy apps, test then destroy all the resources created in a single CI/CD pipeline run.

Angel Rivera | Developer Advocate, CircleCI

05:00 pm

Getting Application Developers Onboard the DevOps Train

Join Ray as he shares what he’s learned and outlines practical and pragmatic tools and processes that help get those development teams onboard the DevOps train.

Ray Elenteny | Chief Enterprise Architect, IgnitionOne

05:20 pm

Promoted from Dev to Team Lead: 8 Things They Didn’t Tell Me

In this session I expose the top surprises I experienced and the biggest mistakes I made during my first year managing a team. If you’re already a team lead, you’ll walk away with my personal playbook and all of my best tips for becoming a more effective leader.

Dan Lines | Co-founder and COO, Linear B

05:40 pm

DevSecOps for Government

Join Tracy as she discusses DevSecOps for Government, and is it really different?

Tracy Bannon | Senior Principal/ DevOps Strategic Advisor & Software Architect, MITRE

06:45 pm

A DevOps Mario Developer Game Challenge with GRC

In this presentation, BMK shares his experience from a variety of conversation from DevOps enthusiasts, lessons and learnings from listening, learning from practitioners and applying his practical working knowledge.

BMK Lakshminarayanan | Solutions Architect, Bank of New Zealand

07:30 pm

Securing Your Pipes with a TACO

During the talk, I’ll run through the different categories of controls, how they are implemented, what the purpose of them is, how to create robust feedback loops for controls.

Peter Maddison | Xodiac

08:00 pm

Lightning Karaoke with.

Alejandro Mercado, Cornelia Davis & Mark Peters

08:30 pm

The Journey to DevOps Maturity – The Never Ending Story

In this talk Mirco will explore his experience with aiming for maturity and what has helped him along the way. He will also touch on areas that only now that DevOps has maturity have shown the next level of problems to solve.

Mirco Hering | Global DevOps Lead, Accenture

09:00 pm

Making an Elephant Dance

Driving DevOps in a large Enterprise (1800+ IT organization). A story of our DevOps journey, why it’s important to us, our challenges, where we are today and where we’re going.

Lisa Chan | Head of DevOps, PETRONAS

10:00 pm

Bouncing Buzzwords with…

Andreas Prins, Lisa Chan and Sean Mack.

Hosted by Helen Beal.

10:30 pm

DevOps in Hybrid Multicloud Transformation

Digital reinvention provides the opportunity to disrupt and respond to disruptions but requires transformations in how innovative software is built, managed and monitored.

Biswajit Mohapatra | Partner, Global Delivery Leader (Cloud Transformation) –  IBM

11:00 pm

Global SKILup Festival Wrap Up

Jayne Groll | CEO, DevOps Institute

The Other Stage

08:30 am

DX and Deployment Strategies

In this talk, I will cover few of the key DevSecOps Deployment strategies that can be explored to suit your Business, and will also demonstrate the implementation of each using a Kubernetes based platform.

Shivagami Gugan | DevOps Institute Ambassador

09:30 am

The History of DevSecOps

Enjoy this session from the DevOps Institute Archives.

Shannon Lietz | 

10:30 am

One Feature at a Time

Based on Brendan’s recently published book, the focus is how organisations can overcome cultural debt to engage their customers in ongoing exploration of value.

Brendan O’Reilly | Daysha Devops

11:30 am

The History of Observability

Another session from the DevOps Institute Archives.

Charity Majors |

12:15 pm

The History of SRE

Enjoy one more session from the DevOps Institute Archives.

Benjamin Treynor Sloss | Google

02:00 pm

Flow Engineering: Navigate to Success with Mapping

In this introduction, I’ll share how Value Stream Mapping brings you quick wins AND game changing strategic insights in a single workshop.

Steve Pereira | CEO, Visible

02:30 pm

Elastic Professional Skills to Adapt and Succeed in Today’s Fast Paced World

During this session we will explore how to become much more versatile and discuss the different artefacts of this new learning which includes, but is not limited to, certification, on the job training,simulation games and actively sharing with our community.

Alejandro Debendet | DevOps Institute Ambassador

04:00 pm

The History Of AI/MLOps

Andi Mann | Chief Technology Advocate, Splunk

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