Education Partners and Instructors

How do I become a DevOps Institute Education Partner?
We are always looking for quality training and consulting companies to partner with. Please go to our DevOps Institute Education Partner contact page to complete the form, and a representative will get back to you shortly.
What courses and certifications can we add to our portfolio?

DevOps Foundation®

Site Reliability Engineering Foundation℠

DevOps Leader®

DevSecOps Foundation℠

Continuous Testing Foundation℠

Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation℠

Certified Agile Service Management®

Certified Agile Process Owner®


What is the criteria for becoming a partner?
  • Be an active legal entity
  • Submit a 30-60-90-365 day plan on how you plan to promote the DevOps Institute portfolio
  • Be financially viable with sufficient resources to align with DevOps Institute high-quality standards
  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements
  • Agree to and understand the DevOps Institute operating model for the procurement of examinations, courseware (on a pay per use learner basis) and utilizing Accredited Instructors
  • $500 USD annual Partner accreditation fee
What is the criteria for becoming an accredited Instructor?
An Instructor who would like to become accredited to deliver DevOps Institute courses will:

  • Have demonstrable experience, credentials, and subject matter expertise on the course topic
  • Have at least one (1) year of active proven training experience or extensive DevOps experience
  • Successfully pass (or have passed) the appropriate course certification with a pass rate of at least 65%
  • $200 USD annual Instructor accreditation fee.  The Instructor accreditation fee includes trainer self-study materials and one exam voucher.  Additional exam vouchers may be procured at a discount.
  • Be either associated with an existing Education Partner or become a Partner
How do I apply to become an accredited DevOps Institute Education Partner?
Once you complete the Become a Partner Form, this is what you can expect (if you have any specific questions, please include in the message of the form):

  • We will then send over the Partnership agreement along with an Instructor agreement for your review.
  • If you have any additional questions we can continue to communicate over email or schedule a phone call.
  • Once we receive all the appropriate information from your organization, the Partner Accreditation process normally takes approximately two weeks but may be longer or shorter depending on the information we receive.
  • Once the Partnership agreement and accreditation fee is processed, you will receive our Welcome Kit and be provided with access to the Partner portal (with sales/marketing assets) and be added to the DevOps Institute website, including information on our courseware and exam ordering platform.
How do I become an Instructor?
Please visit us here to learn more or contact DevOps Institute Customer Service at [email protected] for further information.


Learning and Certification

How do I find a course in my Region?
While DevOps Institute does not directly deliver classes, we have a global network of Education Partners. To find a DevOps Institute Education Partner in your region click here. For a calendar of scheduled courses being delivered by Education Partners, click here.
Can I take the certification exam without the course?

While DevOps Institute encourages formal training as the best learning experience, we also recognize that humans learn in different ways from different resources and experiences.  For anyone who feels prepared to demonstrate their knowledge and take the next step in their professional career, you can purchase an exam on the website here.

I took a course through one or your Education Partners. How do I arrange for the exam?

Please refer back to your DevOps Institute Education Partner to arrange an exam.

Can I purchase manuals?

Please contact your DevOps Institute Education Partner for assistance.

Which certifications can I receive a digital badge for?

DevOps Institute offers digital badges for all of our accredited certifications.


I just passed my exam. How soon will I receive my certificate and digital badge?

You will receive your certificate and digital badge by email with your confirmed exam results shortly after completing the exam.



What if I need to re-sit?

If you have not passed the examination the first time, please contact your provider where the exam voucher was initially procured.



I received my DevOps Institute digital badge with my certification. How do I add my digital badge to my LinkedIn profile?

Go to your LinkedIn profile, select ‘Add Profile Section’, select ‘Licenses & Certifications’, and manually enter in your certification information.



Am I able to download the badge image so that I can use it on my own resume or personal website?

Yes!  Successful candidates will receive their digital badge and certificate by email with their exam results.  You can insert the digital badge in your resume or personal website.