Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

May 20, 2021 | Virtual



About SRE

SRE – ‘Site Reliability Engineering’ is a discipline that incorporates aspects of software engineering and applies them to infrastructure and operations problems. The main goals are to create scalable and highly reliable software systems.

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SRE Agenda

May 20, 2021

08:45 am

Rise and Shine Yoga
Adam Clifford

Instructor | Captain Yoga

09:05 am

10 Years of Failure: How Racing Cars & SRE Deal with Complex Problems

Ryan Doherty

Staff Site Reliability Engineer | LinkedIn

09:35 am

Observability and the Golden Signals for SRE in Mircroservices

Chris Harding

Sales Engineer | Epsagon

09:50 am

DevOps Vs. SRE, CI/CD Pipelines: Bridging the Gap

Ravi Lachhman

Evangelist | Harness

10:20 am

Harness Demo Session

Bryan Feuling

Evangelist | Harness

10:40 am

SRE Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Shivagami Gughan

DevOps Institute Ambassador

Group CTO | IDC Technologies Inc.

11:10 am

Take the Climb to Multicloud

Marcel Birkner

Staff Site Reliability Engineer | Instana

11:45 am

Supercharge Your SRE Teams with Chaos Engineering

Mikolaj Pawlikowski

Software Engineering Team Lead | Bloomsberg

12:10 am

Using Statistical Inference for Capacity Planning

Dongfang Xu

Site Reliability Engineer | Splunk

12:30 am

Splunk Demo Session

Dongfang Xu

Site Reliability Engineer | Splunk

12:50 am

How SRE Fits Into the DevSecOps World

Sven Ruppert

DevSecOps | JFrog

1:15 pm

Non-Production Impermanence

Shlomo Bielak

DevOps Institute Ambassador

CTO | Benchmark

1:30 pm

SRE Adoption for Enterprise – How To…

Dinesh Sekar

DevOps Institute Ambassador

Standard Chartered Bank

2:20 pm

Using Automation for Generic Mitigations In Production

Leonid Belkind

Co-Founder and CTO | Stackpulse

2:40 pm

Evolving with SRE – The Game Plan

Santanoo Bhattacharjee

DevOps Institute Ambassador

Solutions Expert | Accenture

3:10 pm

Chaos Engineering by the Numbers

Jason Yee

Director of Advocacy | Gremlin

3:30 pm

SKILup Day Mixology Demo

Murdo MacLeod

Mixologist | Zest Mixology

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