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The Instructor Materials for the courses you are approved to teach are available in your Logical Operations account at https://doi.lochoice.com. If you need assistance, please contact customerservice@devopsinstitute.com.

Latest Course and Certification Releases

June 6, 2022:  DevOps Foundation v3.4
February 28, 2022:  SRE Practitioner v1.1
February 28, 2022:  Certified Agile Service Manager v2.1
January 31, 2022:  DevSecOps Practitioner v1.0
January 31, 2022:  DevOps Engineering Foundation v1.0

Course and Certification Retirements

September 30, 2022:  Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation
September 9, 2022:  DevOps Foundation v3.3
April 25, 2022:  SRE Practitioner v1.0
April 25, 2022:  Certified Agile Service Manager v2.0

Current Course and Certification Versions

DevOps Foundation v3.4
DevOps Engineering Foundation v1.0
SRE Foundation v1.1
SRE Practitioner v1.1
DevOps Leader v2.1
DevSecOps Foundation v2.1
DevSecOps Practitioner 1.0
Continuous Testing Foundation v1.0
Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation v2.0
Certified Agile Service Manager v2.1
Value Stream Management Foundation v1.0

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