Straight Talk for Government

September 9, 2021


Straight Talk for Government is a virtual summit bringing together government, industry, and academia to explore and expose the real challenges and opportunities across the spectrum of people, process, policy, culture, and of course, a little bit of tech!

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Straight Talk for Government

Presented by DevOps Institute and MediaOps.

This one day MicroConference will focus on the ‘how to’, to examine under a microscope perspectives of the people, process, and technology aspects of IT.

This event will feature experts from the industry, government, along with enterprise DevOps leaders. Our 2020 conferences featured speakers from Google, Scaled Agile, T-mobile, Red Hat, Cloudbees, Micro Focus, AppDynamics, GitLab and more.

This event includes all the elements you normally find at a conference, such as an expo hall with virtual sponsor booths, raffles and scavenger hunts, attendee chats, and a networking lounge to interact with speakers.

Government and Industry have different imperatives that require recognition of natural diversity and areas of sameness. Straight Talk sessions bridge the gaps in understanding, setting the playing field for academia, industry, and government to rally together to deliver mission value through software architecture and DevSecOps.

Government, like industry, has the same generalized needs: streamlining process, continuously inserting innovative technology, upskilling people, and building a lasting culture. From policy, to value streams, to meaningful metrics, to relevant training, to automation, to unique operation environments, coming together and sharing experiences is a must.

View industry expert sessions from the event below.

Straight Talk for Government Agenda

September 9, 2021

10:00 am

Welcome from Tracy Bannon

Tracy Bannon

Senior Principal/Software Architect & DevOps Advisor |

The MITRE Corporation

10:30 am

It’s Not About Tools!

Major Austen Bryan

Chief Operating Officer | Platform One (USAF)

11:00 am

Scale-out, cloud-native NoSQL database built on Apache Cassandra

George Cross

Data Architect | DataStax

11:25 am

DevOps Impact on Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Mitch Ashley

CEO & Managing Analyst | CEO & Managing Analyst

11:45 am

Incident Detection, Response and Forensics in a Cloud Native World

Branden Wood

Sr. Director, Federal | Sysdig

12:10 pm

Rise and Shine Yoga

Adam Clifford

Instructor | Captain Yoga

12:10 pm

Cloud Native Compliance and Benchmarks

Ryan O’Daniel

Sr. Systems Engineer, Federal | Sysdig

12:30 pm

Continuous ATO: Myth or Reality

Hasan Yasar- Panel Moderator

Technical Director, Adjunct Faculty Member |

Carnegie Mellon University

Lonye Ford

CEO, CO-Founder | Arlo Solutions

Mark Peters

Technical Lead | Novetta

Dr. Mark Smiley

Principal Architect: Cloud & DevSecOps Technology |


Chris Hughes

CISO & Co-Founder | Aquia

1:00 pm

The ABC’s of VSM

Ben Chicoski

Head of Partnerships | CloudBees

1:20 pm

Happiness, Quality, Effectiveness

Tom Suder

Cheif Executive Officer | ATARC

Neelan Choksi

President and COO | Tasktop

Steve Pereira

CEO & Founder | Visible Value Stream Consulting

1:50 pm

Valuing Failure in Zero Defect Environments

Katy Craig

Retired Navy Chief, Defense Consultant, & Cyber Educator

2:20 pm


Murdo Macleod

Managing Director | Zest Mixology

2:40 pm

Advancing Software Using Artificial Intelligence

Captain Jazmin Furtado

Building the DoD to enable AI | US Space Force

3:10 pm

Making Metrics Matter

Bryan Finster

Distinguished Engineer | Defense Unicorns

3:40 pm

Thinking upstream about White House cybersecurity executive order 14028

Donald Fischer

CEO & Co-Founder | Tidelift

3:55 pm

Navigating the Federal Government

Dawn Bontempo

Principal, Human, & Organizational Systems |

The MITRE Corporation

4:25 pm

VMware Tanzu Outcomes in the US Government

Aaron Swain

Director of Digital Transformation | VMware

4:45 pm

10 Design Tips for MicroServices Developers

Jim Tyrrell

Senior Principal Solutions Architect aka The Designatic |

Red Hat

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