Meet today’s most innovative humanologists in a new video series.

Join Chief Ambassador Helen Beal as she chats with key thinkers about human behavior and unlocking the secrets of humans at work.

Human Aspects of DevOps

Topic of the Month: Joy in the Workplace

Each month, we’ll explore a different human topic. Read the article series: Humanologists You Need to Know and enjoy the Human Aspects Book Club.

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Authenticity is so important in leaders. They can’t expect to be trusted if they’re not trusting themselves.”

Mike Burrows

Founder, Agendashift

Discover the Human Aspects Project

We’re on a mission to advance the Humans of DevOps. This is about the human aspectsnot the tech and automation that promises to go faster, not the processes that define and control our work, this is about us. This is about what it means to be human. About what emotions and feelings are and how our brains work. This is about why we behave the way we do and how all of that translates into the cultures we create collectively. This is about how to change that. This is about how to improve us as individuals, teams, and organizations. And most importantly, how to bring joy to our working lives.

Human Aspects is a DevOps Institute Members initiative designed to bring us all closer to finding out what makes us tick. By working with and showcasing the key thinkers on human behavior, the culture of the workplace, and leadership and learning we bring our members a host of new learning experiences to unlock the secrets of humans at work.

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How to be Curious with Mike Burrows

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Finding Joy at Work with Mike Burrows

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