DevOps Engineer Certification Path

DevOps Foundation

Understand basic DevOps concepts, principles, and practices to help your organization deliver high-quality software solutions quickly, exceed customer expectations and outpace competitors.

DevOps Engineering Foundation

An engineering approach is critical to DevOps journeys. Understanding the foundations, principles, and practices from a technical perspective is needed for a successful solution.

DevSecOps Foundation

With the rising number of data breaches and increased emphasis on data privacy regulations, organizations need to prioritize security and
compliance measures into everyday workflows.

Additional certifications recommended for those that want a more
in-depth understanding of specific topics:

Continuous Testing Foundation

Continuous Testing Foundation Certified enables faster, higher quality releases and reduced costs by seamlessly integrating into the Continuous Delivery.

SRE Foundation

With automation and observability becoming key factors for more efficient and rapid deployments, the SRE profile has become one of the fastest-growing job roles.

VSM Foundation

Digital value streams need a different treatment and DevOps toolchains mean we have more
opportunities to gain more actionable insights for our customers than ever before.