Security is everyone’s responsibility as demonstrated in the rising trend in enterprise interest in DevSecOps. 


This virtual SKILup Day explored DevSecOps from a technical, process, and cultural point of view from some of the top DevSecOps experts and vendors.
View industry expert sessions from the event below.
Welcome from DOI & DevSecOps Foundation

Rinku Sachdeva, Product Manager, DevOps Institute

Keynote Opening Session: History of DevSecOps

Shannon Lietz, DevSecOps Leader at Intuit

A JDBC Library and the Day I Felt Like Jack Ryan

Matt Stancheck, Fortify on Demand Architect at Micro Focus

Managing Security & Compliance with GitLab

Saumya Upadhyaya, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at GitLab

DevSecOps on Microsoft Azure

Martyn Coupland, Senior Azure Consultant at Ensono

Security Adds the Glitter to DevSecOps

Savinder Puri, DevOps Evangelist at Zensar (& Gloria the Rhino!)

Cyber Security – Demand for Digital Forensics

Hima Bindu Vejella, Core Member at Cyberpsy

5 Essential Workflows for Secure DevOps

Janet Matsuda, Chief Marketing Officer Sysdig

Pawan Shankar, Director of Product Marketing, Sysdig

Lightning Talk: Assuring Compliance in DevOps

Mohammed Siyam, Chief Consultant, DevOn

Marudhamaran Gunasekaran, Chief Consultant, DevOn

All About Ops

Mark Peters, Cybersecurity & Intel Expert, Agile Leader, DevOps Ambassador, Author & Speaker

How to Securely Access Compute Resources in Cloud Environments

Virag Mody, Technical Writer at Gravitational

A Way To Think About DevOps: Mearsure

James Wickett, Sr. Security Engineer at Verica

GitOps: Declarative, Automated Production

Michele Mancioppi, Senior Technical Product Manager at Instana

Why Securing your Open Source Components is Critical for AppSec Success

Matt Stancheck, Matt Stancheck, Fortify on Demand Architect at Micro Focus

DevSecOps for Kubernetes-Based Applications

Sven Ruppert, DevSecOps, Java & Kotlin

Sponsor Talk: Cloudbees
Timothy Johnson, Product Marketing Manager at CloudBees

Choosing The Right DevSecOps Framework

Gary L. Shaffer, Hybrid-CloudSolutions Provider at Cornerstone Technical Solutions LLC

Continuous Chit-chat with Alan & Jayne Closing Remarks

Jayne Groll, CEO, DevOps Institute
& Alan Shimel, CEO, Founder at MediaOps