Observability is transforming the way that internal system performance is measured by observing its external outputs.
Recognizing observability as a trending set of practices, this virtual SKILup Day focused on observability from a “what it is”, “why it’s important,” and “how do we start” perspective.
The History of Observability

Charity Majors, Honeycomb

When Metrics are not Enough, and Everyone is On-Call!

Chris Riley, Splunk

How to Get Actual Business Value From Distributed Tracing

Daniel “Spoons” Spoonhower, Lightstep

Visualization is the Core of Observability

Danyel Fisher, Honeycomb

Observability in Modern Applications: Simplifying Complex Systems

Devon Lawler, Epsagon

Demo: How you can go from performance degradation to root cause in under a minute
and under 3 clicks?

Kaveh Karimiyanha, Lightstep

“Having New Eyes” –
The Power of Application Observability

Marco Coulter, AppDynamics

The Subtle Art of Distributed Tracing

Michele Mancioppi, Instana

The I/O of DevOps: Solving the Problem of Information Silos

Sean D Mack, Wiley

Observability : A Socio – Engineering – Technology Problem

Shivagami Gugan

Simplifying Microservices by Visualizing Your Application

Tracy Ragan, DeployHub