Cloud Native and Serverless

February 25, 2021 | Virtual



About Cloud Native and Serverless

Cloud Native and Serverless is an approach to building and running applications that exploits the advantages of the cloud computing delivery model. This SKILup Day explored how Cloud Native and Serverless development is about how applications are created and deployed, not where.

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Agenda – Cloud Native and Serverless 2021

09:15 am

Welcome to 2021

Marc Halcrow | Director, Sales and Operations, DevOps Institute

09:25 am

Kubernetes: A Gateway Drug for Vendor Lock-in

Ernesto Garbarino | VP & Enterprise Architect,

09:45 am

Get ready to spend more on serverless than you expect, and be happy about it

Marco Coulter | DevOps Institute Ambassador,

10:10 am

Continuous Delivery – Getting to Yes for Cloud-Native and Serverless

Ravi Lachhman | Harness

10:50 am

Intro to Cloud Native Transformation

William Chia | GitLab

11:15 am

Get Quarkus Funqy the next time you hit a Serverless dance floor!

Daniel Oh | DevOps Institute Ambassador,
Red Hat

11:35 am

Observing Progressive Delivery: The Life of a Honeycomb Feature

Shelby Spees |

11:45 am

Creating an Observability Strategy via Distributed Tracing

Chimnay Gaikwad | Epsagon

12:05 pm

CI/CD for AWS Lambda functions

Pawel Piwosz | DevOps Institute Ambassador,

01:05 pm

Introduction to Cloud Native and Serverless in Azure

Martyn Coupland | DevOps Institute Ambassador,

01:30 pm

All That Developers Need Is a Browser (or How to Be More Productive by Having Less)

Viktor Farcic | Codefresh

01:50 pm

Monitoring Serverless Applications with Datadog

Rachel White | Datadog

03:05 pm

Hermetic Deployments -the Heart of GitOps

Tracy Ragan | DevOps Institute Ambassador,

03:35 pm

Lessons learned while running my own GraphQL Trello clone without any servers

Robert Hostlowsky | Instana

03:55 pm

Progressive Delivery when lives are on the line

Leonardo Murillo | DevOps Institute Ambassador,
Qwinix Technologies

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