Job Title: Chief Ambassador
Company: DevOps Institute

Helen Beal is a DevOps and Ways of Working coach, chief ambassador at DevOps Institute, and
ambassador for the Continuous Delivery Foundation. She is the chair of the Value Stream
Management Consortium and co-chair of the OASIS Value Stream Management Interoperability
Technical Committee. She also provides strategic advisory services to DevOps industry leaders
such as Atlassian, Moogsoft, and Plutora.

Helen hosts the Day-to-Day DevOps webinar series for BrightTalk, speaks regularly on DevOps
and value stream-related topics, is a DevOps editor for InfoQ, and also writes for a number of
other online platforms. She is a co-author of the book about DevOps and governance,
Investments Unlimited, published by IT Revolution.

She regularly appears in TechBeacon’s DevOps Top100 lists and was recognized as the Top
DevOps Evangelist 2020 in the DevOps Dozen awards and was a finalist for Computing DevOps
Excellence Awards’ DevOps Professional of the Year 2021.
She serves on advisory and judging boards for many initiatives including Developer Week,
DevOps World, JAX DevOps, and InterOp.