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Convenient and effective online learning for DevOps professionals to build their skills and knowledge, prepare for certification, support their organization’s digital transformation, and advance their career.

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DevOps Institute certification eLearning courses provide a simple, easy and flexible learning option for those who prefer to learn at their own pace and schedule and from the convenience of their home, office, or on the road.  Each online course consists of a series of learning videos which will help you prepare for the official DevOps Institute certification exam.*

*Certification exam is not included with the certification eLearning courses and may be purchased separately.

Choose from the following certification eLearning Courses

DevOps Foundation

As DevOps adoption continues to grow and drive digital business success, organizations and their teams need to ensure they have the needed skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality software solutions quickly, exceed customer expectations and outpace competitors.

DevOps Engineering Foundation

The DevOps Engineering Foundation eLearning course explains the many aspects of DevOps engineering that leaders and practitioners can execute upon. It will provide a closer look at the implementation process from an engineering perspective and the foundations of knowledge, principles and practices from a technical perspective needed to engineer a successful DevOps solution.

SRE Foundation

Today’s organizations deal with a higher volume of change in a more complex tech environment leading to a higher risk of outages and incidents. IT teams must improve service reliability and system resiliency. With automation and observability becoming key factors for more efficient and rapid deployments, the SRE profile has become one of the fastest-growing job roles.

SRE Practitioner

The SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) Practitioner eLearning course is a follow-on to SRE Foundation and introduces ways to economically and reliably scale services in an organization. It explores strategies to improve agility, cross-functional collaboration, and transparency of health of services towards building resiliency by design, automation and closed loop remediations.

DevSecOps Foundation

With the rising number of data breaches and increased emphasis on data privacy regulations, organizations need to prioritize security and compliance measures into everyday workflows.

DevSecOps Practitioner

The DevsecOps Practitioner eLearning course is a follow-on to DevSecOps Foundation and introduces more advanced ways to explore DevSecOps in your organization. Each section covers practical maturity guides, and then discusses how people, process and technology can be combined to improve outcomes.

DevOps Leader

Leading people through a DevOps evolution requires new skills, tools, innovative thinking, and transformational leadership in order to be successful.

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Certification eLearning FAQs

What is DevOps Institute certification eLearning?

A DevOps Institute certification eLearning course is a series of online learning videos based on DevOps Institute’s official course curriculum. Each eLearning course maps to the official DevOps Institute certification exam.

Can I see a preview of the course?

Yes, complimentary previews are available on this page under each course description.

Will the certification eLearning course prepare learners for the exam?

Yes, the certification eLearning course will prepare learners for the certification exam.

What is the cost of a certification eLearning Course?

Please contact your DevOps Institute Education Partner to get pricing information.

Is the exam included with the certification eLearning license?

The exam is not included with the certification eLearning license. The exam may be purchased separately from your DevOps Institute Education Partner or from the DevOps Institute website here.

How will certification eLearning licenses be provided?

You will be provided with a coupon code which can be used towards the redemption of a certification eLearning course on the LMS platform. This code should not be shared or distributed to others as it is meant specifically for the learner.

How long will the coupon code be good for?

The coupon code will be good for 90 days.

How long will learners have access to the certification eLearning course?

Learners will have access for 90 days from the date of registration on the LMS platform.

Can a course extension be provided for special circumstances?

Please contact custom[email protected] for assistance. Additional fees may apply.

Is courseware included with the certification eLearning course?

Digital files of the ancillary course materials such as Exam Requirements, Sample Exam, Value Added Resources, and Glossary are available for download by the learner. Digital copies of the learner slides are not included.

I would like to cancel my order. Can you provide a refund for the license?

Please contact your Education Partner to confirm their cancellation and refund policy.

See DevOps Institute Online Learning Terms & Conditions here.