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5 Reasons Why Continuing Education is Important For Your Career


Anyone who’s read The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, et al. knows that the Third Way of DevOps is based on continuous learning and experimentation. This is perhaps the most important principle and pathway to human, DevOps and digital transformation.

Choosing to continue your education allows you to keep up with the latest and ever-changing trends of the digital world, giving you the edge you need in such a competitive and demanding space as DevOps. 

There are many reasons to continue learning, here are just five: 

1. Increasing Your Chances of Career Advancement and Growing Your Income
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it pays to be educated by a difference of $524 a week to be exact! The chances of you becoming unemployed if you have a higher education are also less than those whose highest education is just a high school diploma or equivalent. Over 40% of our Upskilling IT 2022 respondents said insufficient skills or resources is one of the top challenges in their organization. By upskilling, it’s more likely to be easier to get on in your career and to earn more.


2. Increasing Your Marketability
Each certification you earn can be added to your professional list of credentials and achievements to help prove your increased expertise in certain areas. You can continue your education throughout your career, so the sky’s the limit to how much knowledge you can acquire! What’s more, you’ll boost your resume, personal brand and marketability making you stand out to both your current employer and prospective ones.

3. Keeping Your Skills Sharp
In our Upskilling IT 2022 report, 55% of respondents also said certifications are very valuable. They enable you to validate your knowledge and understanding of various skills and in demand practices and gain technical, operational, and human skills needed for success. Staying competitive with the current and most relevant DevOps Skills, Knowledge, Ideas and Learning (SKIL) will also give you a more defined purpose for learning, while increasing your productivity and efficiency.


4. Better Networking
There are lots of continuing education opportunities that allow you to meet new people, even if it’s via a webinar, forum, or virtual conference. Communities like DevOps Institute, forums and other outlets offer you chances to learn and network simultaneously. Maintaining networks is essential for career growth and business success.


5. It Keeps You Healthy
Many people don’t realize the strong link between education and health, but learning is a type of mental exercise that can keep you balanced and healthy. Continued learning offers mental health benefits, such as reduced depression and anxiety. It’s also linked with optimism, self-esteem and life satisfaction, as well as a greater ability to cope with stress. It can lead to a longer lifespan and help you develop healthy behaviors leading to you being less likely to suffer from illness.

DevOps Institute’s Continuing Education Program offers certification holders flexible options to recertify by completing a variety of eligible Continuing Education Unit (CEU) items. 

DevOps Institute offers an extensive selection of activities with opportunities to focus on learning, to keep your skills sharp, and to stay current with evolving technology, whilst retaining your active DevOps Institute certification status. 

Learn more about DevOps Institute’s Continuing Education Program. Plus , save 20% when you purchase 3 exams together. 

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