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5 Ways Continuing Education Can Help Advance Your Career

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September 26, 2022

By Jayne Groll, CEO, DevOps Institute

Anyone who has read The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, et al. knows that the Third Way of DevOps is based on continuous learning and experimentation. This is perhaps the most important principle and pathway to human, DevOps and digital transformation.

Choosing to continue your education allows you to keep up with the latest and ever-changing trends of the digital world, which will give you the edge you need in such a competitive and demanding workspace like DevOps. 

There are many reasons to keep learning, here are just five: 

  1. There’s a greater opportunity for promotion through continuous learning and, with a promotion, comes an increase in your salary.
    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2021, it pays to be educated; a difference of $524 a week to be exact! The chances of you becoming unemployed if you have more education are also less than those whose highest education is a high school diploma or equivalent.

  2. Continued education will almost always increase your DevOps career advancement opportunities. The more you know, the easier it will be.
    Over 40% of our Upskilling IT 2022 respondents said insufficient skills or resources is one of the top challenges in their organization. By upskilling, you will be able to mend this skills shortfall more easily as a result of your new expertise.

  3. You’ll boost your resume, personal brand and marketability making you stand out to both employers and customers.
    Each certification you earn can be added to your professional list of achievements to help prove your increased expertise in a certain area. You can continue your education throughout your career, so there’s no limit to how much knowledge you can acquire.

  4. By challenging yourself, you are sure to stay sharp and keen on your current or developing skills.
    In our Upskilling IT 2022 report, 55% of respondents also said certifications are very valuable.

  5. Staying competitive with current and the most relevant DevOps Skills, Knowledge, Ideas and Learning (SKIL) will give you a more defined purpose for learning while increasing your productivity and efficiency.
    In general, continuing education is a confidence booster for many. You become more marketable and an expert in your chosen subjects.

To demonstrate our commitment to lifelong learning, DevOps Institute has introduced a Continuing Education Program

Our mission is to advance the humans of DevOps and advancement can only be achieved if we encourage our certification holders to become lifelong learners. The rapidly changing business and technical landscape has shown that the shelf life of your knowledge and skills is shorter than ever before. Like all professionals, we believe that a purpose-driven approach to DevOps will benefit both the individual and the organization. We want to equip our members with the “SKIL” required to excel in their careers.

I sincerely hope this program will support our community with their professional growth by keeping their knowledge and skills current and relevant. There are so many interesting, new trends and innovations to learn including Observability, GitOps, SRE, AI/ML to name just a few! Creating a requirement really just means that you become purposeful in your mission to learn new things. 

DevOps Institute offers many educational experiences to help you meet your CEU requirement including SKILup Hours, SKILup Days, SKILup Festivals and SKILup IT Learning

We also encourage you to seek out knowledge from our education partners, vendors and others in the space here

Learn more about DevOps Institute’s Continuing Education Program.

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