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Course Offered:

Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM) | DevOps Foundation


Asia | Singapore

The IT industry is consistently evolving. Join our COMAT learning hub to explore new learning opportunities through our certified courses and be at the forefront of this dynamic industry in Singapore. Our COMAT training centre aims to educate professionals so that they can be more versatile and adept at navigating through various IT infrastructure, and are trained to be influential leaders in the fields they work in. The COMAT IT training courses at our centre in Singapore are designed with the professional in mind who have to fulfil different needs of their employment within the industry. We collaborate with a range of accredited IT partners, with 16 ACTA and DACE certified trainers, in Singapore and beyond to provide the industry with a highly-specialised training environment that aims to drive positive developments in the field. The COMAT learning hub goes beyond educating and provides professionals with other useful services, including certification testing, curriculum design andndevelopment as well as facilities rental.