Agility Consulting International

Course Offered:

Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation | DevOps Foundation | DevOps Leader | Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Foundation


North America | United States

Agility Consulting International, in business over 10 years, provides a tailored approach to reimagine your Agile transformation and address your coaching, strategy, and training needs. Together with our strategic alliances, we can provide a personalized analysis, and guided implementation to best suit your organization moving from traditional to more iterative methods of delivery. Our experience in the Agile industry helps clients achieve increased delivery speed, and rapid response to the market. Agility Consulting International has a proven track record of increasing agility by 100%, reducing bottlenecks by 75%, increasing current release rate by as much as 100%, and improving business value delivery by 80%. Agility Consulting International starts by helping people talk through and avoid experiences that we know to bypass through years of experience. By using the Agility Consulting approach, teams and organizations are then in a better and more efficient place with regards to their goals. Many challenges in organizations are multi-pronged with people and culture at the center. Addressing both the operational and culture together is a dynamic combination that bolsters success. By applying a holistic approach, including psychological and adaptive techniques, she has coached organizations to reach heights they never thought they could dream of achieving.