Agile Actors

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Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation | DevOps Foundation | DevOps Leader | DevSecOps Foundation | Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Foundation


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Official partner of the DevOps Institute, Agile Actors #learning are tech professionals who:

  • Thrive to evolve and improve
  • See learning as the path to becoming stronger professionals
  • Consider learning as a continuous process with both theoretical and practical aspects
  • Understand that learning help us grow and mature

Agile Actors #learning is the Learning Ecosystem for the ambitious and talented tech professional. From setting meaningful personal goals to getting personal coaching, it helps you find your next career dot and deliver value to the real world.

We are helping Tech Professionals to combine theory with best practices as well as real-world experiences in order to grow and excel.
Our courses, developed by experienced Devops Engineers, Testers,  Coaches focus on hands-on examples and projects to get you up to speed with any new technology, tool or methodology.

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