Sep 23, 2021 | Virtual



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About Observability

Observability is the ability to infer a system’s internal states. Monitoring, then, is defined as the actions involved in observability: observing the quality of system performance over a time duration.

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Observability Agenda

Sep 23, 2021

09:30 am

Rise and Shine Yoga
Adam Clifford

Instructor | Captain Yoga

9:45 am

Lets Go Back in Time: The History of Observability

Charity Majors

CTO | honeycomb

10:00 am

Observability: DevOps’ Crystal Ball

Helen Beal

Ambassador | DOI

10:30 am

Seeing RED: Monitoring and Observability in the Age of Microservices

Greg Leffler

Observability Practitioner | Splunk

11:00 am

Accelerate Product Development and Optimize Engineering Efficiency with Observability

Jan Schulte

Solutions Engineer | Epsagon

11:25 am

Managing the Process: Fundamentals in Lean Thinking

 Tiffany Jachja

DevOpsInstitute Ambassador

Developer Advocate | Harness

12:20 PM

Moving an Organization from Manual to Full Automation of Deploys with DevOps

Kevin Keaney

Solutions Architect | XMatters an Everbridge Company

12:30 PM

Enterprise Observability: Behind the Term

Chris Lentricchia

Product Marketing Manager | Instana

12:50 PM

Watching the Moving Clouds

Ryan Sheldrake

Ambassador | DOI

1:20 PM

A Day in the Life of a Developer: Moving Code from Development to Production without Losing Control

Nick Chase

Director, Technical Marketing and Developer | Mirantis

2:15 PM

Going Beyond the Three Pillars

Abelardo Gonzalez

Director, Product Marketing | SumoLogic

2:30 PM

VSM is Observability for CIOs and Done Right, Creates Actionable Insights for Teams

Neelan Choksi

President and COO | Tasktop

Lee Reid

Sr. Value Stream Architect | Tasktop

3:00 PM

Observability 101

Ross Lazerowitz

Head of Product |  Observe Inc. 

3:20 PM


Murdo Macleod

Mixologist | Zest Mixology

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