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8 Insights From the Upskilling IT 2022 Report [Infographic]

Culture and Human Skills, DevOps Basics, Upskilling

By Eveline Oehrlich Chief Research Officer, DevOps Institute

This year’s Upskilling IT Report reveals a critical need to close DevOps skills gaps, identifies top skills capabilities, and highlights emerging job roles to help individuals and organizations accelerate IT transformations. While technical skills are a must-have skill priority, technology without human skills will not accelerate innovation and transformation. Upskilling is a professional and organizational imperative. Continuous learning must be foundational for leaders and individuals and requires a mind shift across leaders and individuals.

In this infographic, we highlight key insights from the 2022 report:

Infographic displaying Upskilling IT 2022 Report key takeaways, top global skill capabilities and skill gaps, top technical and human skills and important operating models. Learn more by downloading the report

For more insight, get the full report at

Eveline Oehrlich is Chief Research Officer at DevOps Institute. As former VP and Research Director at Forrester Research, Eveline led and conducted research around a variety of topics including DevOps, Digital Operational Excellence, Cognitive Intelligence and Application Performance Management for 12 years. She is the author of many research papers and thought leadership pieces and a well-known presenter and speaker. She has more than 25 years of experience in IT. Her passion is to help companies transform their IT organization, processes and tools towards high-performing teams, enabling their business partners to achieve better business results. She has helped some of the largest enterprises across the world to adopt new strategies, workflows and automation within their journey toward a a digital business.
Upskilling IT 2023 Report

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