Aug 12, 2021 | Virtual



About DevSecOps

DevSecOps is an augmentation of DevOps to allow for security practices to be integrated into the DevOps approach. The traditional centralized security team model must adopt a federated model allowing each delivery team to factor in the proper security controls into their DevOps practices.

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DevSecOps Agenda

August 12, 2021

09:00 am

Rise and Shine Yoga
Adam Clifford

Instructor | Captain Yoga

09:20 am


Alan Shimel

Founder & CEO | MediaOps

9:35 am

Putting the “Sec” in DevSecOps: Automating Cloud Security as an Enabler

Taylor Smith

Senior PMM | Bridgecrew

10:00 am

Pipeline Security a Catalyst for DevSecOps

Ravi Lachhman

Evangelist | Harness

10:50 am

Measuring the Whole Hole

Dr. Mark Peters

DevOps Institute Ambassador

Technical Lead | Novetta

11:20 am

DevSecOps: Moving Beyond SAST in Pipelines

Jon Jarboe

Developer Advocate | Accurics

11:45 am

The Do’s and Don’ts of Kubernetes Security

Andy Suderman

Director of R&D and Technology | Fairwinds

12:05 pm

The Major Impact of Runtime Security Controls on Risks and Efficiency

Cristian Iordache

Product Marketing Manager, CISSP | Bitdefender

12:50 pm

DevSecOps Principles

Stephen Walters

Solution Architect | xMatters, inc.


1:20 pm

Securing Your Pipes With A TACO

Peter Maddison

DevOps Institute Ambassador

Consultant & Coach | Xodiac

1:45 pm

Three Reasons Developers Struggle With AppSec… And How to Make it Better

Scott Gerlach

Co-Founder & CSO | StackHawk

2:10 pm

Go Beyond DevSecOps to Continuous Security

Rob Cuddy

Global Application Security Evangelist | HCL Software

Colin Bell

CTO, AppScan | HCL Software

2:35 pm

The SolarWinds Hack and the Executive Order on Cybersecurity happened – It is time to prepare

Sven Ruppert

Developer Advocate | JFrog

3:35 pm

IT Modernization through DevSecOps

Tyler Johnson

Solutions Architect | CloudBees

3:55 pm

How to successfully integrate security into your DevOps

Cindy Blake

Senior Security Evangelist | GitLab

4:15 pm

Panel: Who’s looking out for the developers??

Tracy Bannon

Senior Principal/ Software Architect & DevOps

Strategic Advisor | MITRE

Kevin Greene

Director of Security Solutions | Parasoft

Bryan Finster

Value Stream Architect | DevOps Dojo

4:45 pm


Murdo Macleod

Managing Director | Zest Mixology

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