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DevOps Institute Opens ‘2020 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report’ Survey


August 20, 2019

For all the talk about automation at DevOps World|Jenkins World, the DevOps Institute shined the spotlight on the human element.

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — DevOps Institute (, a global member-based association for advancing the human elements of DevOps, today announced the launch of the “2020 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report” community survey. In collaboration with Gold Sponsor CloudBees and Community Sponsor Continuous Delivery (CD) Foundation, the 2020 Upskilling Report will measure trends and progress of DevOps skillset development building upon the 1,600-plus survey responses from the 2019 benchmark report.

“In 2019 we found that all roles, from leaders to individual contributors, agreed that automation skills, process skills and soft skills are the most important must-have skill categories for a DevOps human,” said Eveline Oehrlich, former vice president and research director at Forrester and now chief research analyst at DevOps Institute. “Top must-have process skills were: familiarity with software development life cycle; understanding of process flow and analysis; Agile; experience with test-driven deployment concepts and methods and system thinking. The top three must-have soft skills included collaboration and cooperation, problem-solving, interpersonal skills and sharing and knowledge transfer. This second survey round will include the same skill categories, but we have added a few more next-level skill questions.”

“The Upskilling Report is meant to help empower and advance human transformation by identifying the skills and knowledge that lead to ideas and learning for DevOps success,” said Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute. “DevOps Institute looks forward to building on the SKIL Framework (Skill, Knowledge, Ideas, Learning) and the success of the 2019 benchmark report to offer new and updated insights on the trends in DevOps skills sets from a year-over-year perspective.”

The 2019 Upskilling Report provided a benchmark upon which to measure future patterns and trends by identifying which skills are considered “must-have”, “nice to have” and “not important” across roles, region and perspectives. The 2019 Upskilling Report also demonstrated that the categories of Process, Automation and Soft/Human skills are equal in importance.

The “2020 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report” survey is active through December 20, 2019 and the second annual report will be published in early 2020. The new survey builds upon the 2019 report to help IT professionals understand the skills they need to become more ‘T-shaped,’ by supplementing their depth of specific knowledge with a range of general knowledge. Further, it helps IT professionals understand the specific disciplines that will best fill the top of their ‘T’.

To access the 2019 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Report, download it for free at (   

“Last year’s Upskilling Report was instrumental in identifying the IT skills that are most needed for successful business transformation,” said Andre Pino, vice president of marketing at CloudBees. “This year’s report is invaluable to the IT community because it provides insight into the status of skills and practices that will ensure the Humans of DevOps advance alongside technology. We are honored to partner with DevOps Institute and sponsor the report for a second year to highlight the human DevOps skills that are critical to Enterprise IT organizations of all sizes.”

“The DevOps community has a hunger for knowledge and a commitment to continuous learning that is unmatched,” said Tracy Miranda, director of open source community at CloudBees & member of the Governing Board of CD Foundation. “CD Foundation is thrilled to sponsor DevOps Institute’s Upskilling Report and is committed to advancing the state of the industry and particularly the human element. The report is an essential resource for up-and-coming DevOps professionals who want to understand the skills they need in order to play an irreplaceable role in business transformation. This year’s report is especially important because it will be compared to last year’s benchmarks to measure global DevOps skills progress.”

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We help advance careers and support emerging practices within the DevOps community based on a human-centered SKIL Framework, consisting of Skills, Knowledge, Ideas, and Learning.  All of our work, including accreditations, research, events, and continuous learning programs – is focused on providing the “human know-how” to modernize IT and make DevOps succeed.

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