Catapult CX

Catapult CX enables our private and public sector clients to optimise ways of working and deliver quality software, faster. Our experts are not career consultants, they're hands-on coders, with a passion for technology and careers spanning the developers keyboard to the boardroom.  We use our skills in site reliability engineering (SRE), observability, automation, agile, DevOps, and Cloud to help you digitally transform. Our people-first approach enables company-wide buy-in and a smoother, swifter cultural change with psychological safety at its heart. Then we share our knowledge and coach your teams so they can take up the mantle of continuous improvement. The results are better business decisions and secure, scalable, high-quality services that allow you to deliver greater value and a better experience to your own customers. Contact us if you want to:

  • Uplift your legacy IT
  • Transform from Project to Product
  • Digitalise Your Services
  • Upskill your teams

DevOps Assessment Contact: Louise Cermak

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