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The Humans of Techstrong

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The Humans of Techstrong

By Jayne Groll
CEO, DevOps Institute and CSO, Techstrong Group

We are launching a new company today—Techstrong Group. I love the new name and how it clearly represents our mission: to be the power source for people and technology. If the past 18 months have shown us anything, it’s that the tech community must be vigilant and strong.  Techstrong Group will help you get there and stay there.

This is not just a rebranding exercise but a promise to the tech community to continue serving as a trustworthy, holistic ecosystem of content, communities, certification, education, events and research. Each Techstrong business unit (Techstrong Media, Techstrong Associations, Techstrong Live!, Techstrong Learning and Techstrong Research) is committed to providing a quality experience to help accelerate organizations and individuals navigate the digital future.

We are fueling Techstrong Group through the convergence of several organizations: MediaOps, DevOps Institute, Prospera Events and Accelerated Strategies Group. Each of these entities has served the community well in the past, but together we will be a transformational force. Some familiar brands including, Container Journal, Security Boulevard, Techstrong TV and DevOps Institute will not change. As we move forward, new Techstrong brands will launch to fill in any knowledge, content or experience gaps. All of these will be powered by Techstrong Group, so when you see the big “T” you will recognize it as a symbol of quality, integrity and relevance.

For the past seven years, I have had the privilege of co-founding and leading DevOps Institute. I am so proud of what my amazing team has accomplished to advance the Humans of DevOps with our certification programs, SKILup Days, SKILbooks, annual Upskilling report and global Ambassador program. Rest assured that DevOps Institute will remain a key brand under the Techstrong Associations business unit and will continue to be the dominant certification authority in the DevOps space. However, with the additional access to content, webinars, events and research from other Techstrong business units, DevOps Institute will advance the Humans of Techstrong further and faster with more diverse insight. I will continue to be CEO of DevOps Institute but have also assumed the role of Chief Strategy Officer of Techstrong Group.

I am so grateful to share this journey with my friend and Techstrong Group co-founder, Alan Shimel. Alan is a co-founder of DevOps Institute as well as founder, CEO and editor-in-chief of Techstrong Media. Alan will serve as Techstrong Group’s CEO. Alan is a visionary, an innovator, a thought leader and networker, as well as someone who always has his finger on the pulse of trending tech. Filling out our executive team is Marc Halcrow, Andre Pino, Charlene O’Hanlon, Parker Yates, Mitchell Ashley, Heidi Gilmore and Jason Baum. While each of us brings a different perspective to the table, collectively, we are committed to the Techstrong Group mission to be the power source for people and technology.  

Of course, we could not establish Techstrong Group without the support of all our sponsors, education partners, alliances and ambassadors. Thank you! Your contributions have set the stage for this evolution to Techstrong Group. Most importantly, we could not do this without the individuals and organizations who have visited, attended, joined or been certified by any organization coming together under the Techstrong Group umbrella. We consider every one of you a member of our Techstrong family.

Stay tuned. Get ready! #WeAreTechstrong

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