SKILup Assessment Overview

Why every initiative should start with a DevOps assessment.

The DevOps Assessment You Need

The SKILup Assessment Addresses Five DevOps Dimensions:

The Human Aspects

Process and Frameworks

Functional Composition

Intelligent Automation

Technology Ecosystems

The adoption of DevOps practices is proceeding apace. Organizations are focused on how to implement DevOps capabilities across teams and how to scale DevOps across the enterprise. But an important aspect to any scaled transformation journey is assessing a team’s or organization’s capabilities along the way.

The DevOps Institute SKILup Assessment within an individual, team, or company as a whole, serves many purposes. Perhaps most important, it helps align people with a long-term vision for the company—and avoid making critical mistakes.

An assessment also baselines the current state of DevOps capabilities, which is critical for measuring and identifying the next target state of improvement. It helps individuals and teams devise experiments to move between states, and highlights local discoveries to make global improvements.

DevOps Assessment – Available in Three Versions

Individual Assessment

Help determine where you as an individual can improve and accelerate your career.

(Coming Soon)

Team Assessment

Team SKILup Assessment is a compact version of the Enterprise SKILup Assessment. The Team SKILup Assessment provides you with

An opportunity to understand your team’s current state

Actionable insights to plan for your next target state

Enterprise Assessment

Enterprise SKILup Assessment is for organizations to drive and measure their progress in their DevOps journey. It starts by baselining every team’s current state and then helps teams self-discover and accelerate continuous improvement that leads to higher organizational performance. By identifying the patterns of strengths and opportunities across their entire organizational landscape, local discoveries are surfaced and become global improvements. The Enterprise SKILup Assessment will also provide you with

Data to evidence the impact of the experiments you undertake

Snapshots that build to a timeline of your DevOps evolution

Did you know? A DevOps capability assessment helps tackle the challenges of digital change initiatives by providing clarity and alignment around the long-term vision and by fostering continuous improvement.

Several structures in our brain are actually designed to protect us from the potentially harmful effects of change. Humans are wired to resist change and we are working against our biology at every turn. It’s well documented that every year 50% to 70% of all change initiatives fail.

Britt Andreatta

Learning Expert, Author of Wired to Resist

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