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DevOps Institute Opens Upskilling IT 2023 Survey

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The fifth annual upskilling survey focuses on elevating and empowering humans of IT for the jobs of today and tomorrow

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla.,– Sep. 13, 2022 – DevOps Institute, a global learning community that empowers the people who power IT, today announced the launch of its fifth annual Upskilling IT community survey. The survey will collect data from thousands of IT professionals across the globe to understand which skills are essential for the future of IT. Findings from the survey will be revealed in early 2023. 

“The Upskilling IT 2022 Report revealed that DevOps professionals who possess the skills needed for digital transformation through human and technical skills remain in high demand despite the lack of talent found throughout the industry,” said Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute. “It is clear to us now that sufficient skills in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), DevOps, DevSecOps and other areas of IT are critical to the success of any organization. To better fulfill and modernize the needs of IT teams, companies must incorporate these skills which are shaping the tech industry. We are highly interested in seeing the next set of skills emerging and which gaps will need to be filled.”

The 2023 survey goes beyond DevOps with an enhanced focus on human and cognitive skills. Survey respondents will be asked to answer 40 questions covering a variety of themes, including IT skills challenges and gaps, future skill set requirements, IT hiring trends, upskilling and reskilling initiatives, operating models and automation tools. The Upskilling IT 2023 report, based on survey findings, will help leaders determine which future skills they should hire, retrain, and upskill for. It will also identify the biggest IT skills gaps and within which roles, as well as how organizations are upskilling. 

Crafting an upskilling and reskilling strategy for your IT team members today to prepare for opportunities of tomorrow is the right step. However, in 2022 only 52% of organizations had a formal upskilling program and the rest either said they are working on a strategy (27%) or don’t have one,” said Eveline Oehrlich, chief research director at DevOps Institute. “Upskilling is no longer an option, but an essential part of every organization, especially IT, as it is developing talent for now and the future. A well-designed and well-used upskilling and reskilling strategy can make a difference between surviving or thriving within the global economy. This year we want to dig deep again to see what are the upskilling gaps, gems, and must-have skill domains as well as details for developing a solid upskilling and reskilling strategy in 2023.” 

Download a copy of the Upskilling IT 2022 report here:

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