Courseware and Exams FAQs



Q: Can I place courseware orders without procuring exams?
A: Yes, you may order standalone courseware or exams, or a bundled courseware and exam solution.

Q: I’m trying to place a courseware order and cannot, what should I do?
A: Contact [email protected] to confirm you are accredited for the courses you are delivering and that your account is up to date.

Q: How is the content distributed and can I contact the distributor if required?
A: DevOps Institute leverages Logical Operations for content distribution.  For customer service inquiries, please contact Logical Operations at [email protected],  1-800-456-4677 or +1-585-350-7000.

Q: Who will send us the invoice for courseware and examination orders?
A:  While the distribution of the content will be through Logical Operations, the billing will still be through DevOps Institute. This means that when you place an order on the Logical Operations store platform, you will receive an order confirmation from Logical Operations with a $0 invoice as the invoice will be coming directly from DevOps Institute.

Q: How long does it take to receive digital courseware and exam vouchers?
A: Please allow up to 24 hours for ebook access keys and exam vouchers to be fulfilled.

Q: How are shipping charges calculated for printed courseware?
A:  Shipping charges for printed courseware are calculated based upon the weight of your order, selected shipping method, and ship to address. You can change the ship to address to view additional shipping costs.

U.S. sales tax charges are estimated based on the shipping address for each order. Logical Operations currently charges sales tax for any shipment within NY and VA. Tax charges vary by product depending on the state rates or rules for those products.

For international orders, the recipient of the order is responsible for paying duties and taxes into their country for any order shipped outside of the United States, please note this is only for printed courseware and eBooks are not applicable.

Shipping rates are determined by the carrier and passed onto the customer. It should be noted that the rates do increase yearly.

Note: Logical Operations waives its “delivery responsibility” when shipping to a residential address. To ensure the safe arrival of your package, please include “signature required” in the shipping instructions box upon checkout.

Q: Can I return print or digital courseware?
A:  All qualified digital courseware must meet the criteria listed on the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form, which you can obtain by sending an email to Logical Operations’ customer service team at [email protected]  Printed courseware cannot be returned but may be distributed to another learner.

RMAs will be processed within 24 business hours if the form is completed accurately.

Asia-Pacific (APAC) customers: for the APAC region Return Policy please contact the Global Logical Operations Customer Service team at [email protected]

Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) customers: for the EMEA region Return Policy please contact the EMEA Logical Operations Customer Service team at [email protected].

Q:  How do I order Trainer Self-Study or Instructor Materials?
A:  To receive access to Trainer Self-Study or Instructor materials, please contact [email protected] for further information.

Important Note

Please note that invoices for both courseware and examinations will be from DevOps Institute and the pricing catalog has been provided to the main point of contact within the Partner organization.
Courseware is available in either eBook or printed format (additional fee of $25 per printed book incurred plus shipping fees).
Examinations are available in a web-based format.
We encourage our Partners to use the eBook format for courseware and web-based examinations as it reduces paper and is more friendly for the environment.
Please contact [email protected] should you have any additional questions.


Q: Can I place bulk orders for exam vouchers?
A:  Yes, you can place a bulk order for exam vouchers and administer them as you would like. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Q: What if I ordered an exam voucher and the learner does not want to take the examination?
A:  The unused voucher can be reassigned to another learner.

Q: Can I return an exam voucher?
A:  No, but they can be reallocated to another learner.

Q: How long is an exam voucher valid for?
A:  An exam voucher is valid for 90 days from the date the voucher order is placed.

Q:  What happens if a learner does not use the exam voucher within 90 days and needs to extend it?
A:  The optimal scenario is for a learner to take the examination right after the class or within a couple of days afterward as the learner has a higher rate of passing.  The test taker just needs to redeem the voucher within 90 days, the exam can be launched from their Webassessor account any date/time that they are ready to begin the exam.  There is no need to schedule or reschedule the exam for a specific date/time.

Q: What are the exam delivery modalities?
A:  Exams are web-based. Test takers can launch the exam from their Webassessor account whenever they are ready to begin.  A pre-scheduled date or time is not required. 
Should a test taker require special accommodations due to a disability, please contact [email protected] for further assistance.

Q:  Do my learners need to register on the exam platform?
A:  Yes, in order for learners to register for the exam and receive their results, they will need to create a test taker account on the Webassessor exam platform at

Q: Is a Proctor/Invigilator required?
A:  No, a proctor or invigilator is not necessary.

Q:  What happens if a learner launches a partner proctored, web-based exam before they were instructed to do so by the Proctor?
A:  If a Partner wishes to proctor a web-based exam, please instruct candidates in advance that they MUST NOT launch the exam before they’re instructed to do so by the Proctor as the exam cannot be paused, cancelled, or re-started once launched. If the exam is launched before the proctored session, there will be additional fees to re-register for the exam should the Proctor terminate the exam session.

Q: How do learners redeem an exam voucher?
A:  Voucher redemption instructions can be found here.

Q: When do learners receive certificates and digital badges?
A:  Upon successfully passing the examination, they will receive both the certificate and digital badge shortly after via email.
Q:  What are the exam specifications?
Foundation exams: 60 min, Practitioner exams: 90 min
No prerequisites
Multiple choice
40 questions
65% passing score
Open book