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We’re a professional member association with the mission to advance the human elements of DevOps. 

What Can You Achieve as a Member of DevOps Institute?

DevOps Institute is a global professional member association with one mission: to advance the human elements of DevOps. We create a safe and interactive ecosystem where members can network, gain knowledge, grow their careers, lead and initiate, and celebrate professional achievements.

DevOps Institute is the go-to continuous learning hub helping pave the way to support digital transformation and the future of IT. From accreditations, research, events, team and personal assessments, DevOps Institute provides the “human know-how” to make DevOps professionals, and their companies, succeed.

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We offer the resources and the most relevant topics in the DevOps space.


Join for access to tools that help advance your career. Benefits include discounts on certification exams, access to our knowledge base and Assessment of DevOps Capabilities tool (SKILup Assessment Model), discounts, and more.


Get resources to help enhance your journey, including SKILup Assessment Model; the annual Upskilling Skills Report, a highly respected industry research project, and SKILbooks, collaborative bodies of research with actionable strategies.


Addressing the need to support continuous learning, over eight certifications available in multiple languages. Certifications are based on the most relevant topics in the DevOps arena.


Explore the latest DevOps topics and best practices through SKILup Days – conferences focused on specific industry practices and hot topics. SKILup Chapters allow members to connect and engage with others at localized and/or topic-focused meetings.

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DevOps Institute is committed to helping DevOps practitioners advance their careers and grow professionally through developing new skills, gaining relevant knowledge, igniting innovative ideas, and fostering continuous learning. As part of this mission, we’ve identified several competencies that are highly desirable when it comes to hiring and retaining DevOps talent in today’s most competitive organizations.

DevOps Foundation

Understand basic DevOps concepts, principles, and practices to help your organization deliver high-quality software solutions quickly, exceed customer expectations and outpace competitors.

DevSecOps Foundation

Prevent data breaches and grow your teams’ knowledge on data privacy regulations. DevSecOps Foundation helps your team to prioritize security and compliance measures into everyday workflows.

DevOps Leader

Lead your organization’s DevOps evolution with new skills, tools, innovative thinking, and transformational leadership.

Certified Agile Service Manager

Learn how Agile Service Management and culture can strengthen and secure your processes to deliver greater business performance, rate of revenue, and profit growth.

SRE Foundation

Improving service reliability and system resiliency in rapidly changing and more complex tech environments makes the SRE profile one of the fastest-growing job roles in IT.

SRE Practitioner

A follow-on to the popular Foundation certification to validate knowledge and understanding of advanced SRE practices, methods, and tools for those focused on large-scale service scalability and reliability.

Continuous Testing Foundation

Minimize business risk and impact on customers. Continuous Testing enables faster, higher-quality releases and reduced costs.

Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation

Let your teams focus on vision while pipelines do the execution. Discover how successful Continuous Delivery leads to increased velocity.

Advance Your Team

Accelerate continuous improvement during your DevOps journey with the Assessment of DevOps Capabilities (SKILup Assessment Model), our DevOps assessment tool.

SKILup Assessment Model is crowdsourced, vendor-neutral, and designed for individuals, teams, and organizations who want to:

  • Baseline current DevOps state
  • Identify the next target state
  • Plan experiments to move between states
  • Gain insights into how to improve capabilities
  • Measure and accelerate continuous improvement during their DevOps journey

Understand and Upskill

SKILbooks and Research Reports

Just starting your DevOps journey or want to learn more about being an SRE practitioner? We have the SKILbooks for you. Each book is a collaborative body of knowledge comprising research and artifacts to help the reader understand and upskill DevOps capabilities. Each SKILbook is populated with multiple research chapter reports plus additional content for ongoing discovery, support, and actionable strategies and implementations during a DevOps journey.

DevOps humans are in high demand. Did you know that 60% of organizations are recruiting now or in the future? Learn more by leveraging the research and contributing to the most recognized survey and report of its kind in the DevOps space: The Upskilling Enterprise DevOps Skills Survey and Report.

Build Your Portfolio

Explore the Career Center

The DevOps Institute Career Center is the premier resource to connect career opportunities with qualified IT professionals. Whether you’re searching for jobs or finding candidates, the DevOps Institute Career Center offers a wealth of resources to help you achieve your career goal.

As a job seeker, our Career Center allows you to:

Manage Your Career

  • Search and apply to top IT jobs at institutions that value your credentials
  • Upload your resume so employers can contact you. (You remain anonymous until you choose to release your contact information.)
  • Create Job Alerts and receive an email each time a job matching your specified criteria becomes available.
  • Access career resources, job searching tips, and tools.

Achieve Your Organization’s Goals

As an employer, our Career Center is the best platform to:

Recruit for Open Positions

  • Post your job, or your institution’s job, where the industry’s most qualified IT professionals go to advance their careers. (Premium Members receive a 30% discount on every job posting.)

  • Email your job directly to DevOps Institute Member job seekers via our exclusive Job Flash™ email.

  • Search our Resume Bank using robust filters to narrow your candidate search.

With SKILup Assessment Model, I love the fact that the role of processes, frameworks, and human elements are not relegated to an afterthought!


I love the fact that practitioners are polled and results aggregate to better model reality. I love the fact that it is accessible and painless for practitioners to participate.”

Feisal Ismail, Principal Consultants at Sapience Consulting

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