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Global SKILup Day CrowdChat


November 27, 2019

The Global SKILup Day Community Crowdchat Ramped up Excitement Virtual Event

In anticipation of Global SKILup Day on December 10, the DevOps Institute recently joined with the online DevOps community for an interactive CrowdChat. The discussion explored key themes and topics to be featured during Global SKILup Day – and it definitely got the excitement going! 

In addition to event insights, the CrowdChat served as an opportunity for the global DevOps Community to interact and trade knowledge with some of the esteemed Global SKILup Day speakers. 

See the full CrowdChat here:

Global SKILup Day is the world’s first non-stop virtual learning event, streamed across geographies and time zones around the globe. If you’re a DevOps practitioner or professional this is your opportunity to dedicate a full day to “getting upskilled.” The event is built around the S-K-I-L Framework: Skills, Knowledge, Ideas and Learning.

Save your virtual seat for Global SKILup Day Now:

The CrowdChat was hosted by DevOps Institute’s Jayne Groll and Dheeraj Nayal alongside Global SKILup Day Speakers Helen Beal, Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute; Amanda Mattos, DevOps/Software Consultant at ThoughtWorks; Suresh GP, Managing Principal at CC&C Solutions; and Rose Dyson, ITIL & DevOps Lead Instructor and Specialist at DDLS.

The conversation featured speaker insights in a Q&A format that was distributed across Twitter and LinkedIn – creating a conversation that extended well beyond the live chat. Some of the most popular discussion topics included motivation, burnout prevention, career advice, gamification, access to new skills, books on ways of working, the importance of upskilling, DevOps communities and more. Here are some of our favorite questions and responses from the Crowdchat:

Burnout is a big problem these days. What tips do you have to prevent it?

I think it is a growing concern. Follow the #Mentalhealth – Connect with your friends and family. Be Open and believe everyone has a tough patch. Don`t put a lot of pressure to yourself. Listen to music 🙂 #globalskilupday

Suresh GP (@sureshgp) November 20, 2019

See all responses here.

How do you motivate your teams amid pressure in the business environment and technology landscape?

Great question. Humans are often motivated in different ways than leaders may think. Carving out to time during the day to learn is important. Recognition is important too. #globalskilupday

— Jayne Groll (@JayneGroll) November 20, 2019

See all responses here.

What is the most important piece of career advice you’ve ever received and why?

“Trust myself. Listen more than talk,” Rose Dyson, ITIL and DevOps Specialist at DDLS

See all responses here.

Is it important in the DevOps culture to form “communities”? Which ones are you part of?

“This kind of community inside the company engaging for learning and sharing is powerful, cause people, teams, areas can learn so much with each other experiences and perspectives…I have seen it working beautifully” – Amanda Mattos, DevOps/Software Consultant at ThoughtWorks

See all responses here.

What skills do you see most relevant to hone in 2020?

“Influencing people outside of technology – HR, procurement, customers, sales, finance etc,” Helen Beal, Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute.

See all responses here.

Upskilling in IT – why is it important?

#upskilling also provides roadmap for new ways of working !! @JayneGroll will you be able to share more on this !!! #globalskilupday

— Dheeraj Nayal (@HumanOfDevOps) November 20, 2019

See all responses here. Did you also know that you play an important role in helping us identify the DevOps skills that are critical IT transformation? 

Take the “2020 Upskilling: Enterprise DevOps Skills Survey” here to help us learn and share which skillsets are most wanted for strong DevOps teams.

It was really fun watching the CrowChat spread among the social media community to expand awareness around Global SKILup Day. We hope you can join on December 10 for a non-stop day of FREE learning!

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