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July 12, 2022

SKILup Hour: The Value of Data and Automation


The modern IT environment is highly distributed, complex and inherently dynamic, composed of resources that are sometimes here today and gone tomorrow. A modern log management platform provides enhanced observability to help IT teams effectively manage this network of applications, giving teams the visibility -- in real time – of what’s going on in the environment. Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn more about Data and Automation.

July 14, 2022

SKILup Hour: Cloud – Migration to Modernization


Cloud plus DevOps is the enabler for digital transformation. If your organization wasn’t born in the cloud though, it can be quite the journey to get there and fulfill the promises of scalability, elasticity and speed. Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn about how cloud-native approaches support the goal of DevOps to balance throughput and stability.

July 21, 2022

SKILup Day: Cloud Native


Adapting to new business challenges and possibilities is what cloud-native and serverless really means. Shifting away from our traditional on-premise infrastructure to meet these new demands requires a new approach to managing operations with an unfamiliar set of architectural approaches. Developers must learn to develop microservices applications and use Serverless functions while our operations teams learn to leverage a self-healing, fault-tolerant system at any scale. There is lots to learn on both sides of this DevOps equation.

July 26, 2022

SKILup Hour: Container Orchestration


Containers can exist without microservices and vice versa, but combining them makes orchestration easier across the infrastructure, product and service landscape. Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn more about how to orchestrate containers to minimize the management and administration overhead of loosely coupled systems.

July 27, 2022

NY Metro Chapter Event – Observability: Achieve Production Excellence, Feat. Jessica Kerr, Honeycomb


Come join the NewYork Metro Chapter for happy hour, and a talk with Jessica Kerr, Principal Developer Evangelist, Honeycomb. We will discuss observability and how to achieve production excellence. Taming the complex distributed systems we're responsible for requires changing not just the tools and technical approaches we use; it also requires changing who is involved in production, how they collaborate, and how we measure success. In this talk, you'll learn about several practices core to production excellence: giving everyone a stake in production, collaborating to ensure observability, measuring with Service Level Objectives, and prioritizing improvements using risk analysis. Location: Element Hotel, Harrison NJ Space is limited. Register early.

July 28, 2022

SKILup Hour: Application Security with DevSecOps


DevSecOps, or SecDevOps, has firmly established itself as the extension of DevOps that makes sure we don’t forget about security. With cyber attacks continually on the increase, no business is safe, and buying a cyber security insurance policy is insufficient. Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn more about the latest advances in DevSecOps along with the best solutions in Application Security and how to take advantage of them.

August 11, 2022

SKILup Hour: Rearchitecting for Distributed Computing (CI/CD)


Legacy monoliths are perhaps the most common cause of technical debt in organizations. These traditional ways of architecting applications make it virtually impossible for teams to deliver on DevOps’ promise to accelerate value into the hands of their customers. Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn how to rearchitect your applications so that you can increase the frequency you deliver new features and capabilities to your customers, without compromising reliability.

August 18, 2022

SKILup Day: Enterprise OpenSource


Open Source is a key part of the Enterprise technology stack and has been since Linux took over as the OS of choice and Jenkins stole the hearts of the enterprise change management team. Today we have hundreds of options in open source covering the entire DevOps landscape from development through testing and release.

August 23, 2022

SKILup Hour: VSM


Value Stream Management (VSM) emerged from lean a long time ago, and is best known in the form of its most common practice: value stream mapping. Teams can automate their value stream map so they can optimize the flow from ideation to value realization. Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn more about digital value stream management and how the key principles and practices are optimizing organizational performance today.

August 25, 2022

SKILup Hour: Observability, AIOps, and AIPA


As teams continue to adopt the cloud, distributed computing and DevOps practices that optimize organizational performance, they encounter new problems emerging from the new ways of working. Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn more about how combining observability and AIOps reduces MTTD, MTTR and unplanned work so teams can invest in paying down technical debt, automating toil and building antifragility.