ADOC – Assessment of DevOps Capabilities

Accelerate Continuous Improvement During Your DevOps Journey

The Assessment of DevOps Capabilities (ADOC) is for organizations that want to baseline the current DevOps state for multiple teams throughout the organization. Teams can then measure and accelerate continuous improvement throughout the DevOps journey.

The assessment addresses five DevOps dimensions:

Human Aspects

Process and Frameworks

Functional Composition

Intelligent Automation

Technology Ecosystems

What Does the Journey Look Like?

Sample Analytics

Accelerate continuous improvement during your DevOps journey with the Assessment of DevOps Capabilities (ADOC).



  • Allows teams to compare capabilities
  • Identifies key strengths and improvement opportunities
  • Shines a light on what good looks like for an organization
  • Helps make local discoveries global improvements

ADOC is crowdsourced, vendor-neutral, and designed for individuals, teams, and organizations who want to:

  • Baseline current DevOps state
  • Identify the next target state
  • Plan experiments to move between states
  • Gain insights into how to improve capabilities
  • Measure and accelerate continuous improvement during their DevOps journey

More ADOC Specifics

  • Comprehensive – 180 statements (takes approximately 20 minutes to complete)
  • Uses Likert scales
  • For individuals to complete in the context of their teams, cross-organization
  • Compare team capabilities across organizations
  • Post engagement, reports and dashboard data are available
  • Workshops are then held to share the findings

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