DevOps Experience Simulation

DevOps Experience is a business issue focused experiential learning workshop designed to resonate with the transformation challenges facing executives today and demonstrates DevOps in action. Delegates are immersed in a business scenario where a long established international airline (Global Air) is facing challenges of growth and relevance in a fast changing digital world.

Customers have greater expectations and increased options, with new entrants in the market responding more rapidly to customer needs to provide an enhanced customer experience at lower price points.

The airline needs to compete with these organizations by achieving greater efficiencies, diversified revenue channels, accelerated high quality release cycles, reduced risk, and increased customer experience.

Over the course of the workshop, participants will engage in a high impact, classroom based experience which brings to life the key messages around the changes required to transition to an agile enterprise that is customer centric and digitally focused in the delivery of services.

The experience will call out current barriers, pathways and benefits of this journey and focuses mainly on people and processes (ways of working) and provides opportunities for understanding the context of technologies such as Kubernetes which are enabling this transformation: Continuous Integration/Delivery (Cl/CD), Test, Deployment as well as APl’s, Tool Chains, Microservices, Monoliths & SaaS to demonstrate DevOps in action and the importance of removing technical debt within the organization.

What Skills & Knowledge Will You Validate?

"The learning objectives for DevOps Foundation include an understanding of: • DevOps objectives and vocabulary • Benefits to the business and IT • Principles and practices including Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, testing, security and the Three Ways • DevOps relationship to Agile, Lean and ITSM • Improved workflows, communication and feedback loops • Automation practices including deployment pipelines and DevOps toolchains • Scaling DevOps for the enterprise • Critical success factors and key performance indicators • Real-life examples and results"

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Who Would Benefit?

"The target audience for the DevOps Foundation course includes Management, Operations, Developers, QA and Testing professionals such as: • Individuals involved in IT development, IT operations or IT service management • Individuals who require an understanding of DevOps principles • IT professionals working within, or about to enter, an Agile Service Design Environment • The following IT roles: Automation Architects, Application Developers, Business Analysts, Business Managers, Business Stakeholders, Change Agents, Consultants, DevOps Consultants, DevOps Engineers, Infrastructure Architects, Integration Specialists, IT Directors, IT Managers, IT Operations, IT Team Leaders, Lean Coaches, Network Administrators, Operations Managers, Project Managers, Release Engineers, Software Developers, Software Testers/QA, System Administrators, Systems Engineers, System Integrators, Tool Providers"

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