DevOps Institute Recertification Policy

  • DevOps Institute certifications are valid for two years from their date of issue and must be renewed by this expiry date with the exception of partner exams, such as the VSM Foundation certification, which do not have an expiration date.
  • Currently, only CEUs earned from DevOps Institute Certifications and SKILUp event attendance are automatically tracked. 
  • CEUs earned from all other DevOps Institute eligible activities, and those offered by DevOps Institute Authorized Partners and other industry-recognized, authorized vendors/providers are not. You must submit a claim for these with proof of completion from the relevant content provider and CEUs will be awarded when DevOps Institute validates your claim submission. 
  • DevOps Institute Community Members automatically earn CEUs for the completion of any subsequent DevOps Institute certifications and SKILup event attendance within the 2-year qualifying period and may also self-submit activity information and certificates of completion to be counted toward their CEU goal. CEUs earned can be reviewed via the Member portal here.
  • CEUs will only be awarded for qualifying activities in the qualifying period (2 years).  
  • Individuals with more than one certification will need to earn 30 CEUs to recertify the first certification and then require 6 CEUs for every additional DevOps Institute certification.
  • CEUs should be claimed by completing the CEU submission form which includes uploading proof of activity completion (certificate of completion, email copy, screenshot image) which includes your name, name of the activity, name of the provider, date the activity was completed, and duration of activity. If a certificate of completion is not available, a copy of an email from the provider or a screenshot confirming your activity completion or attendance containing these details can be uploaded.
  • CEUs earned from live (in-person or virtual) attendance at DevOps Institute SKILup Hours/Days/Festivals and certifications do not need to be submitted and will be automatically added to the individual’s account by DevOps Institute. Eligible activities must be completed and CEUs must be earned within the certification’s 2-year qualification period.
  • Most CEUs will be awarded 24 hours after claim, but it can take up to 7 days.
  • You must submit your finalized item(s) before the end of the 2-year qualification period, however, we encourage you to submit claims promptly to avoid potential delays in your recertification. Recertification is based on the activity completion date, NOT the date you submit your claim.
  • Active certification holders can complete any combination of eligible CEU activities to achieve the number of CEUs required for recertification.
  • After the CEU goal is reached and the recertification certification renewal fee¹ of $79 or $99 (depending on location) is received (waived for SKILup IT Learning+ annual subscribers), the certification will be re-issued on the renewal date for another two years.
  • All certifications will be active for two years from the date certification is achieved as of February 28, 2022. Each time recertification requirements are met, the certification active status will be extended for an additional two years.
    • For example:
      Certified: Mar 1, 2022, expiration: Mar 1, 2024 – the member must earn 30 CEUs during this time. If a second Certification is achieved, certified July 1, 2023, with expiration July 1 2025 – the member must earn 6 CEUs during this time.
  • Any candidates who earned a certification before February 28, 2022, will have received an email from DevOps Institute indicating their certification expiry date. The first renewal year will be 2024 on the calendar date the certification was earned. For example, if the certification was earned on July 1, 2019, the renewal date will be July 1, 2024.
  • Certification holders are responsible for monitoring their certification status. The status of your certifications and number of CEUs awarded can be checked via the Member Portal.
  • Regular audits will be performed of CEU-eligible activities for technical rigor and assigned a specific CEU value. CEU claims that are not eligible will be deducted from the individual’s account and the individual will be notified and may not qualify for recertification.
  • Important reminders: 
    • DevOps Institute does not provide extensions
    • It is your responsibility to recertify on time
    • Recertification email reminders are sent at 90, 60 and 30 days
    • Emails are sent to the address on record in the individual’s profile
    • All activities related to DevOps Institute exams, membership, online learning and events should be done using the same email address.