Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation (CDEF)℠

Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation (CDEF)℠

What You’ll Learn

Continuous Delivery Concepts
Continuous Delivery Culture
Design Practices for Continuous Delivery
Continuous Integration
Continuous Testing
Continuous Delivery and Deployment
Continuous Monitoring
Infrastructure and Tools
Security Assurance

Benefits for Organizations

Well architect-ed continuous delivery pipelines yielding better business results
More mature and faster software release processes
Better alignment of leaders and practitioners accelerating digital transformation progress

Benefits For Individuals

Continuous Delivery Architects are in demand by all companies implementing a digital transformation
Highly visible and influential role in organization positions you for career advancement
Being at the forefront of technologies and architectures provides deep learning and skill advancement

 Certification Details

Earn a credential that can lead to jobs in high growth fields

Exam Questions: 40
Passing Score: 65%
Exam Format: Multiple Choice
Duration: 60 minutes
Delivery: Web-based
Languages: English, Chinese
Open Book: Yes
Preparation: Instructor-led, Self-Study

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Knowledge of good DevOps engineering practices, crystalized through DevOps Institute certifications, is critical to mastering the complexity for the benefits of my stakeholders. Formal recognition by way of certification for the DevOps specialties is also a valuable addition to my resume.

– Marc Hornbeek

CEO and Principal Consultant, Engineering DevOps Consulting

The certification validates my skills, knowledge, and experience and provides me the necessary tools and guidance on how to take this knowledge forward in the rapidly changing world.

– Dheeraj Nayal

DevOps Institute

The courseware from DevOps Institute is rightly poised to help the community.

– Biswajit Mohapatra

Global Delivery Leader, Cloud Migration, IBM India

 Certification Blueprint

Check out the Certification Blueprint to learn more about the various topics, principles, and practices covered by this certification.

DevOps Institute Certification Pathways

Choose the path that is right for your career.

DevOps Leader

DevOps leaders sponsor, educate, motivate and monitor their DevOps teams.

IT Operations Professional

IT Operations Professional supports software reliability, automation, and more.

SRE Leader

SRE leaders sponsor, educate, motivate and
monitor their SRE teams.


Developers design, implement, package, test and deploy software.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers automate processes and collaborate with others.

SRE Engineer

SREs use engineering practices to assures services reliability at scale.

DevOps Tester

Testers plan, create, execute, report and
analyze software tests.

Security Engineer

Security engineers collaborate to inform
security practices.

DevOps Consultant

DevOps consultants advise DevOps and SRE strategies and practices.

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