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Featured DevOps Institute Global Ambassador: Biswajit Mohapatra

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July 22, 2020

Featured DevOps Institute Global Ambassador, Biswajit Mohapatra

July 22, 2020

DevOps Institute Ambassadors are volunteers from across the globe that want to help advance the career opportunities in IT and support emerging practices within the DevOps community based on a human-centered SKIL Framework, consisting of Skills, Knowledge, Ideas, and Learning.  

These individuals are advocates for the “Humans of DevOps” and are industry pioneers who are passionate about the DevOps movement, are recognized DevOps subject matter experts and who voluntarily contribute to the Collaborative Body of Knowledge (CBok) of DevOps. 

This week, we are proud to feature an Ambassador from India, Biswajit Mohapatra, Global Delivery Leader, Cloud Migration, IBM India.

Biswajit is the “CIO of The Year” award winner for 2019 at CIO500 Conclave, The “Turn Around Strategy 2020” Award Winner at Chief Strategy Officer Summit and the “Super Hero CIO 2020” Award winner. He’s a thought leader in multi-cloud transformation and a technology executive with deep expertise in managing large scale Multicloud digital transformation programs.

(Connect with Biswajit directly on Twitter @mbiswajit or on LinkedIn).

Below, we asked Biswajit a few questions about his field of expertise, how technology leaders can work to enable their teams and his goals as a DevOps Ambassador. 

How has your field of expertise evolved over the past several years?

The world of technology is an ever-changing, endless learning ground. There is always something new to master and new to understand. With the amplification of technology disruption, the world is becoming more intelligent, interconnected and instrumented. I vividly remember the discussions around data center consolidations or Cobol to Java conversion with my clients several years back. We have come a long way from the days of Data Center Consolidation to Application Workload Optimization to Business Application Modernization to today’s Multicloud Transformation. Hybrid Multicloud transformation powered by Agile and DevOps has truly revolutionized the way software solutions are designed, built and managed. Containers, Kubernetes and Microservices in the Cloud Native World, Serverless Architecture, Edge Computing, Chaos Engineering and Observability are at the core of every CIO’s digital foundation agenda today. It’s now time for the adoption of DevOps and SRE practices and principles to drive business agility in the digital reinvention journey.

How do technology leaders best enable different ways of working amongst their teams?

One of the greatest challenges for businesses as a whole and not just technology is too many siloed and departmentalized operations. All the great pieces of the puzzle are there, but it is a nightmare in having them come together to form a complete picture. This is the exact reason why DevOps is so important today – to bring teams together toward a common goal and shared vision. The changing role of technology leaders in the age of DevOps needs to drive agility, set clear goals, focus on outcomes, provide guidance, dismantle compartmentalization, accelerate ecosystem collaboration, encourage innovation, and demonstrate personal responsibility to create an environment that energizes the team.

What are your top suggestions for someone trying to create a learning organization?

Learning is changing and updating what you know toward generating better outcomes. Change is most difficult to implement in any organization. I believe the first step in creating a learning organization is imbibing a culture where change is welcomed wholeheartedly. One of the great axioms of IBM is ‘Be essential’. It means make ourselves essential for service to our clients and organization and take all necessary steps in that direction. When you want to create a learning organization, you really are talking about making everyone realize why being essential to your organization, to your clients is important. Once everyone believes in this reason, continuous learning will become the DNA of the organization.

As a DevOps Insitute Ambassador, what are your goals for helping to advance the Humans of DevOps?

As a DevOps Institute Ambassador, my goal is to enable the community to adopt DevOps in their work, teams and organizations to deliver IT that really is the nerve of their business. I feel privileged to have an opportunity to promote and evangelize DevOps culture which will revolutionize the way IT is delivered and drive business outcomes.

I plan to continuously contribute toward raising awareness on DevSecOps, SRE, Observability and Chaos Engineering practices and principles. I will proactively help the community to develop skills, promote experiential learning, foster a culture of learning from peers and design learning programs and adoption models to enable and advance the Humans of DevOps.

Learn, Unlearn and Relearn is the way to stay relevant in the industry today. As Steve Jobs once said, ‘it is not your faith in technology, it is your faith in people that changes everything,’ so making upskilling and reskilling a constant process to advance the Humans of DevOps is an important goal for me. The courseware from DevOps Institute is rightly poised to help the community.

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