Viachaslau Matsukevich

Viachaslau Matsukevich is an industry expert with over a decade of hands-on experience in various technology roles, including DevOps, Cloud, Solutions Architecture, Tech Leadership, and Infrastructure Engineering. He has delivered 20+ DevOps projects for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies and holds certifications from Microsoft, Google, and the Linux Foundation.Viachaslau is an accomplished author of technology articles on Cloud-Native technologies and Kubernetes, featured on platforms like Red Hat Enable Architect, SD Times, Hackernoon, Dzone, and Medium. He is a meticulous technical reviewer for technology books and is currently authoring a book on Kubernetes.As an Industry Expert and Judge, Viachaslau has been recognized by prestigious awards programs, including SIIA CODiE awards and Globee Awards, and has judged over 20 hackathons. He is also the author of online courses covering DevOps and Kubernetes tools.In addition to his contributions, Viachaslau is committed to fostering DevOps education and has experience launching and running a DevOps school.