Thales Faggiano

Thales is an an enthusiast of the DevOps world and enjoys learning and sharing new ideas. He understands ethics in the Clovian way (his favorite philosopher): shared intelligence at the service of perfecting a way of living together and likes to think that through DevOps he is an agent that improves human society!

As a DevOps Evangelist Thlaes works to develop learners´s professional competencies and enable their own potencies by offer the space (ethics) and the challenges (technique) necessary for the learners to achieve a job and to understand their importance as a world citizen. Today (2023), he also works as a DevOps Leader in a DevSecOps CoE Team at RaiaDrogasil S/A (Biggest Brazilian Retail Drugstore company, + 2700 pharmacies and +55.000 Humans/Employees)