Sergiu Petean

Ever since I embarked on my software engineering journey over 20 years ago, my love for technology and innovation has shaped my life in remarkable ways. As a thoughtful leader and entrepreneur, I’ve been fortunate to work with incredible teams and witness the transformative power of digital solutions. One of the most memorable chapters in my career has been helping organisations adopt DevOps and Cloud Native technologies. The excitement of seeing these changes drive agility and growth in a fast-paced industry has been truly rewarding. A defining moment in my journey was when I co-founded Open IoT Vienna. This platform, which fosters collaboration and promotes Open Source solutions in the IoT space, has brought together countless talented individuals, creating a vibrant community I am immensely proud of. Being an entrepreneur has taught me invaluable lessons, and I’ve had the privilege of launching multiple businesses. With each new venture, I’ve gained unique perspectives and learned to embrace challenges with resilience. My passion for sharing knowledge and inspiring others has also led me to the stage as a keynote speaker. I’ve had the honour of discussing digital transformation and sovereignty, leadership, and emerging technologies. I find great joy in empowering others to succeed in the ever-evolving world of technology. As I reflect on my journey, I am grateful for the experiences and connections that have shaped my life, and I am excited to continue empowering individuals and teams in the pursuit of innovation and success.