Adam Arakelian

Adam is Director of engineering at Dell EMC and has been with Dell-EMC for 15 years.  Adam is also a part time faculty member at Boston University where he teaches in their computer science department in the Metropolitan College.  

Adam is geared towards driving any size development teams to success, both from an engineering and business perspective.  He is focused on creating and driving business strategies, driving business to compete and organizational leadership. He is focused on driving towards organizational excellence, championing transformations (agile, productivity engineering, CI/CD, etc), business and engineering leadership.

Adam also maintains a focus and understanding of architecture and design of software applications, software development process improvements, as well as the ability to decompose and analyze customer requirements.

His 20 years of experience has been primarily focused on driving engineering teams to success. My expertise lies in software leadership and engineering across all aspects of product development, from building products to driving DevOps to transforming organizations.


Adam is a very motivated, team oriented, driven and ambitious individual with a proven track record of success.