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Our events are for all members of the IT community, including students, practitioners, and decision-makers. SKILup Days are one-day virtual micro-conferences focused on specific industry practices that examine “how-to” perspectives of the people, process, and technology aspects of IT.

About SKILup Days

These events feature experts from the industry as well as enterprise DevOps leaders. Our 2020 conferences featured speakers from Google, Scaled Agile, T-mobile, Red Hat, Cloudbees, Micro Focus, AppDynamics, GitLab and more.

SKILup Days include all the elements you normally find at a conference, such as an expo hall with virtual sponsor booths, raffles and scavenger hunts, attendee chats, and a networking lounge to interact with speakers.

Our next Event is August 12, 2021

DevSecOps SKILup Day will take place on Thursday 12 August, 2021. Click below to register and find out more.

Upcoming Events…


August 12, 2021

SKILup Day

Straight Talk for Government
Straight Talk for Government

September 9, 2021

By SKILup Days


September 23, 2021

SKILup Day

Container Orchestration

Oct 21, 2021

SKILup Day


Nov 18, 2021

SKILup Day

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“It is a fantastic event! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot from all of you! Thank you so so much for your great effort and creativity!”

“It’s amazing, thanks for organizing this event. Helps to keep abreast with SRE adoption, best practices, tools used & community.”

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